One of Many Birthday Outfits!

Thursday 20 December 2012

Hi again!

Two blog posts in one days because I've haven't blogged here for quite a while!

Here is one of the outfits I wore for my 21st birthday yesterday! This was my tea time outfit!

The is a vintage style dress, I'd say the fabric is vintage! The dress looks like it was home made with a vintage pattern. It's quite bright and very pretty, I love the big tie at the back of the dress. 

It was quite windy and the photos were taken on my phone so they photos aren't the best quality!

My beautiful mother took me out for some afternoon tea and cake for my birthday!
I look like I have really bad posture but these photos were so rushed as we were quite busy!
The beautiful vintage purse with an amazing Lucite handle I got for my birthday from my boyfriend's mother.
Hair is my face, argh!
Kayla - GracefullyVintage

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