Sarsparilly x Pusheen

Monday, 20 January 2020


Shoes-  Irregular Choice

Back in March 2019 the lovely and talented designer Maria of Sarsparilly asked me to be part of this photoshoot and of course I said yes!

I have always loved Sarsparilly's gorgeous clothes and after following each other online for a good few years it was so nice to finally meet each other. The shoot took place at the amazing Sherbet Birdie Photography studio in Sydney and it was great to meet photographer Sasha after following her work for time, Marija who is the hair and make-up artist was absolutely fantastic as well. I shot with the gorgeous Monica who again I know from Instagram, so it was fun to meet all these faces that I have known for a quite a while online and meet in real life for a fun photoshoot.

How great was my wig for the shoot? I look so different, it's insane! Maria wanted a bit of a 60'd/70's vibe for my look and I really had fun with it. I loved the make-up so much too!

There's no denying that I love beautiful clothes, retro vibes and of course cats - I also love Pusheen the cat. What a fabulous collaboration this is between two brands. I got to wear and see the clothes close-up on the shoot and the quality is absolutely fantastic. I love that these pieces are made with cotton sateen, so the fabric feels nice to wear and holds it's shape well, so when taken care of these are long lasting pieces.

My favourite piece has to be the playsuit as I love playsuits, ruffles and the blue/mint background... Oh and of course the cutest Pusheen print! These designs also have pockets which is a very important design factor, wouldn't you agree?

I have some behind the scenes photos I snapped from the day that I have been excited to post for ages, I will put them on my Instagram later tonight and keep a highlight on my Insta for them too.

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Capriosca Swimwear

Sunday, 19 January 2020

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Photos: Mum

Hat - Seed Heritage 
Sandals - Porronet 

This is my first experience with this Aussie swim brand and I am super impressed! Swimsuit like this make me feel like a real cool kid on the beach. The cut, the zip and the floaty sleeves just give me this surfer girl vibes and I am all for that. 

I chose this swimsuit because I loved the style but also loved the pink boho print. I went for their size 10 and the fit is perfect and also fits comfortably with my long torso which is always a plus when it comes to full piece swimsuits. The fabric is really beautiful quality, the ruched stomach and moulded cups give great support and create a lovely shape. And zip it up or zip it down, it looks awesome both ways. I also love these type of swimsuits because they offer a bit more coverage from the sun.
The lovely team at Capriosca Swimwear also sent me this matching sarong too which is the perfect match and will take me straight from beach to cafe!

I can't wait to try more of their swimwear in the future! 

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Photos: Mum

Lizzie Swimsuit in Cherry Blossom - c/o Sirens Swimwear
Hat - Dangerfield

Another delayed post that was posted mainly on my Instagram, these photos were taken in November and about a week before our wedding. You can hardly see the ocean in these photos due to the smokey haze from the bushfires...

As per last post and probably every Sirens Swimwear post on my blog I am obsessed yet again with another one of the swimsuits. I really love this print and the blue background, which I think always suits my hair and skin tone. The Lizzie swimsuit is probably my favourite style by Sirens... I think I have it in three different prints!

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Photos: Mum

Holly Ruffle Bikini - c/o Sirens Swimwear
Hat - Seed Heritage
Bag - Bed, Bath & Table

These photos appeared on my Instagram late October but are only appearing on the blog now since my main computer is up and running again and I though that I better post them here. I've written for many years about my love of Sirens Swimwear, it is one of my go-to swim brands because the quality is always amazing and they make some of the cutest swimwear around!

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Hello 2020

Saturday, 18 January 2020

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Photos: Mum

Dress - Tigerlily
Sunglasses - c/o Specsavers Australia x Red or Dead
Silver Rings and Earrings - Pandora
Necklace - Ishka 
Shoes - Wittner

It has been a very long time since I have used this space and written a blog post. 2019 was a busy year and I also had computer issues which I think now was probably a good thing. I haven't been too active here and on Instagram as much as I used to and I enjoyed the break. 

2019 was a handful in the best possible way. I worked a lot, studied, I finally put the time and energy into getting my license during 2018 and then got my licence January 2019, we went to lots of friends weddings, had lots of time with family and friends, Max and I got engaged in February, we planned our wedding and then got married in November... Oh and just to top it off we moved during the middle of the year, because why not do it all at once hey?! But it was definitely one of the greatest years ever!

Though the most tragic part of 2019 has been the fact that our country is on fire. People have died, people have lost their homes and it is thought that almost a billion animals have been killed due to the fires. The country has been burning for months and it is frightening. 

I have always been one to love so many different fashion styles and my style is always evolving. I still love to wear my retro dresses but have fallen in love with beautiful floaty-boho style dresses like this one and finally found a pair of jeans that actually fit good, look good but also feel good. 

I was starting to feel a little stuck in one style as a blogger as if I wasn't able to try anything else and keep up a certain appearance, I decided not to restrict myself and jump into different styles like I normally would, I have always liked to dress a certain style depending on how I feel that day. 
Since growing out my natural hair colour the past couple years my curls have been bouncing back to what they used to be so I don't do that much styling to them anymore. I love having a blog and Instagram where I have a whole archive of all of the things I've worn and how my style has evolved and I can look back on all of these images.

I can't wait to share some of our wedding images when we have the full gallery back, we were so so happy with the previews we got a week after the wedding and our videographer sent back our wedding film a month after the wedding and we were absolutely blown away and felt so lucky to have had such talented people capturing our special day.

Well I must leave you there, I haven't written here for so long that I'm starting to ramble on!

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Specsavers Australia x Red or Dead London

Saturday, 6 July 2019


Today I'm featuring two pairs of specs by Specsavers Australia, this particular collection is in collaboration with British designer brand Red or Dead London. The amazing thing with these glasses is that they are an interchangeable design. Each pair of glasses comes with two sets of arms so you can change the look literally by changing the arms, which is so cool!

I am a lover of tortoiseshell style frames but I love that these have a more muted pastel tone to them, the pop of colour with the soft pastel pink arms makes them so fun and a little bit glam. How could I not pair them with a pink beret and dress?! I also love how classic they look with the matching tortoiseshell arms, it's amazing how different these glasses look with a simple change of the arms. I always have the Ultraclear Superclean coating added to my glasses, for reflection, glare, computer work and for night driving. I am super happy with how this frame fits and just how versatile it is. This pastel loving gal is very happy!

I'm a lover of big round sunglasses so I had to have these. These specs are actually sold as a clear opthalmic set of glasses (see here) but you can tint or polarise most of the glasses in store. I am obsessed with all things yellow and mustard at the moment so when I saw the colourful arms on these frames I knew that I had to have them. I love that you can also change the arms to brown as well, I'd swap to these when I'm wearing something that is super bright and would clash with the yellow, it's nice to know that you can swap it to a slightly more neutral arm. The great thing about being able to tint the lenses of a frame like this is it makes this type of frame that is already quite different even more unique! 

Photos by Mum

Mixing and matching clothes and accessories is something I love to do and the fact that I can do it with my glasses now is so exciting! It has been a bit of a luxury to wear these glasses the past few weeks and to have the option to customise my look depending on the overall outfit. I have also been loving the injection of colour with these new styles.

I have worn prescription glasses for reading and computer work the past few years but now have a small distance prescription now. It's always a good idea to pop into Specsavers Australia for an eye test, even if it's just to check the health of your eyes. If you're passing by you need to pop in and check out the Red or Dead range and have a play around with the styles in store. I am super happy with my choices and have had so much fun with them already!

Be sure to head to the Specsavers Australia website to check out the collection or pop into your local store to try them on!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

Blog post in collaboration with Specsavers Australia, glasses c/o of Speccsavers Australia
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