Erstwilder: Out of Africa

Tuesday, 14 August 2018


My top three picks from the Erstwilder Out of Africa collection!

Photos by Me

Brooch and Earrings c/o Erstwilder

Erstwilder has done it again with another beautiful collection, it's always hard to pick favourites but I could not resist these designs. 

I love that the elephant earrings and brooch make such a perfect set but are also gorgeous on their own. The dangle giraffe earrings are so vibrant and fun, I received a few compliments today whilst wearing them. 

I have been adding more and more Erstwilder earrings to my collection the past few collections because they are an easy but fun accessory to put on, I can pair them with just about anything and when I'm not dressed up and at work I can add a little bit of fun to my uniform. 

There are some great colours and a lot of variety in this collection and the collection was designed by Sally Land Illustration who always designs such beautiful collections!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Sewing: Olive Dress B5748

Saturday, 11 August 2018

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I don't really like olives, but I bought this olive fabric and turned it into a dress anyway... This fabric is too cute!

Photos by me


Pattern - Butterick B5748
Fabric - Spotlight

Long time no speak, I took a bit of time off blogging because I wasn't feeling inspired, I have been busy with work and to be honest all I have wanted to do is spend any spare time I have sewing! So I am back and kicking things off with a me-made dress.

I made this dress last weekend after wanting to make it for ages, it was really quick and easy though I did make a few modifications. I was a bit short on fabric for the bodice when cutting it on the fold so I shortened the bodice length slightly, not ideal as I have a long torso but I figured since this was going to be a wearable muslin it didn't matter too much. 

The zip was meant to be placed on the side but I just ended up placing it in the back, I lined the bodice with a light cotton blend fabric which worked out perfectly. Instead of adding the second bow to the back for the dress I just kept it as a hair-scarf and I think it looks really cute. 

This fabric only cost about $15, the pattern was on sale for $5 and the zip was $2 so it was a cheap and quick make and I really love it. I will probably make it in a floral or plain fabric next, I am undecided but I really love the result. Next time I will add pockets, I should have added them this time but I didn't think that I end up loving this piece. This will be a great dress to quickly chuck on during summer as it is so nice and light to wear.

I'm really happy with the amount of things I have made this year so far, I am super excited to blog them too. I have a long list of spring/summer dresses that I want to create and some great fabrics in my stash, so excited!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Down Memory Lane with Erstwilder

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

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Erstwilder has a very sweet range of brooches for this collection, many which I can remember from my childhood.

Sugar Plum Fairy

She was in my jewellery box, I listened to the pretty tune that she twirled to and once she stopped I would wind her back up just to see and hear it all again, even if it was just in the background whilst I played with my dolls. These are the memories that I get when I look at this brooch. The colours and design are absolutely stunning and she looks so pretty with this dress. I love the different shades of pink, the music notes, her pirouette pose and her ballerina bun.

Wind-up Whimsy

A very cute wind up toy that I remember playing with, Erstwilder has turned this childhood memory into an elegant brooch with a gorgeous colour scheme... One that I seem to be embracing for this blog post (have I ever mentioned my pink phase as a child on the blog? All I would wear is pink). The textures, shades of pink and gold glitter is just so gorgeous!

Fairy Bread

I am so happy that Erstwilder has brought back the Fairy Bread design, I missed out last time and I know many other Erstwilder fans have been wanting this for so long. Fairy Bread was the ultimate party food at kids parties (I hope it still is), I haven't had it in so long but it really was (and still is) the best thing ever... So good that it even looks good in jewellery form. I decided to go for the earrings because they look sooo cute, though I might try and get my hands on the brooch too and there is even a necklace version too. Plenty of options for Fairy Bread lovers this time round, yay!

Photos by Me

Outfit Details

Earrings and Brooches - c/o Erstwilder
Dress and Top - Made by me
Gloves - Vintage
Hat - Big W

This has been a nice little walk down memory lane with Erstwilder and I had a lot of fun styling these pieces with some of my me made clothes. I am also thankful that I had some beautiful sunny winter weather to play with to get the lighting I wanted for these designs!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Friday, 6 July 2018


I recently featured this Alannah Hill coat on the blog, I've styled it with more of a 60's look, Fifi approves of this snuggly coat too!

Photos by Mum

Outfit Details

Fairy Tale Endings Coat - c/o Alannah Hill
Hair Bow - Also Alannah Hill (I bought it in Melbourne earlier this year)
Blouse - Bardot
Jeans - Bernie Dexter
Shoes - I Love Billy

Some snaps of an outfit from a couple of weeks ago, last time I wore this coat with a gorgeous lace dress also by Alannah Hill (see here) but I really pictured this coat with a cute 1960s look too so had to throw together this look. 

I thought the verdict was going to be pretty obvious and yes it was, the coat looks awesome with jeans and I keep on falling in love with this coat more and more. Before I got the coat I was worried that it might look a little over the top for everyday wear but I have found it to be very wearable especially when worn with jeans or a simple dress. 

I already raved about my love for this coat and the quality of previously, it will be a piece that I will wear for many years and I'm sure that you'll see it here on the blog again. My fluffy girl Fifi had to be included in some of the photos, she steals the show for sure because she's just so gorgeous.

I haven't been blogging as much lately, life has been busy and I have been putting most of my free time into sewing. I am currently sewing a dress for my best friend and am attempting to use steel boning for the first time, wish me luck! I'm hoping to have a bunch of summer dresses sewn up for when the hot weather returns and then to blog about too. My fabric stash keeps growing, I must stop myself for a few months and work my way through it all!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Sewing: Pink Roses

Saturday, 30 June 2018


My latest make, I'm loving this border print and can't resist a square neckline!

Photos by Mum

Sewing Details -

Pattern B6556 (used for the bodice without split) and B6453 (for gathered skirt) - Butterick: Patterns by Gertie

Other Outfit Details -

Beret - c/o Alannah Hill
Earrings - c/o Erstwilder
Cardigan - Dangerfield
Stockings - Myer
Shoes - Miss L Fire

After seeing Gertie's dress a while back I had been planning to make myself one! Luckily I have access to the Gertie fabric range here in Australia at our Spotlight stores, this is also dangerous though. 

I have accumulated a lot of Gertie fabric but have been holding out to use it because it's my "good fabric" so of course I must test patterns until I am certain that I will be happy with the end result and then I allow myself to use the good stuff. Although I have spent a small fortune on my good fabric I have managed to buy a lot of it on sale and on clearance but that doesn't mean that I'll waste it on any old project.

I used a mash up of patterns and made a change to the bodice of the pattern which wasn't that major, I just ignored the split in the bodice so I could have a straight square neckline. Square necklines are probably my most favourite neckline, I also think they are quite flattering on me but I really just love them. I am probably just going to end up making a lot of square neckline dresses for myself over time haha!

This dress was a pretty simple make, the most time consuming was gathering that skirt and the cotton sateen fabric is quite thick so it was the part that required the most patience! Good thing I don't mind gathering, most of my makes involve it. I'm still not sure if I'm 100% happy with my bodice fabric print placement but nonetheless I still love this dress. 

I lined the bodice with a light black fabric which looks nice on the inside (sorry I haven't taken photos of the inside)! One little that I really love is that I made the pockets with tiny roses from this fabric which looks so sweet when I pop something in them (a little design detail that I'll only notice when I wear it but sometimes they are the best details). This is really great fabric as it has different size roses so you can be as creative as you want with it, I also bought it in white ha! I also ordered myself some garment tags to attach inside my garments when I finish them, oh my does that feel satisfying when I complete a project!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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