Voodoo Vixen Kayla Dress

Monday, 21 May 2018

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One of my favourite pin-up brands named a dress after me and I still can't believe it! 

Photos by Mum

Outfit Details

Cardigan - c/o Collectif (past season)
Hat - eBay
Shoes - I Love Billy

I have to start this post by saying it is an honour when one of your favourite brands names a dress after you and not only that, they know your style so well that it is in fact a nautical themed dress. 

On a cool Autumn morning last week I made my way to the waterfront for a walk and some blog photos, luckily the sunshine was warm but the breeze was pretty chilly so I did have my cardigan and a light coat for the walk. 

A great nautical summer dress is always a must and a stripe nautical dress is always timeless. This particular style of dress is perfect for warm weather, I love having an open back, thin straps and a large swing skirt for a relaxed but put together summer outfit. The dress has adjustable straps, pockets, a back zip and cute button detail on the must. I took size small, it is a good fit with a little extra room, I brought in my waist with a red belt by Voodoo Vixen and finished the look with more red accessories including these sunglasses also by Voodoo Vixen.

If you're looking for a classic stripe dress that is perfectly nautical and pin-up than this one if for you! Thank you to the wonderful team at Voodoo Vixen for this beautiful and unexpected surprise.

Most of my spare time these days is consumed by sewing lately and I love it, it feels so good to finally give myself so much more time to do what I love and to improve my skills. I think a good portion of what I blog these days will be me made, well I hope so because I have a lot of things I want to create!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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South American Socialites with Erstwilder

Thursday, 17 May 2018

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The South American Socialites collection is the latest release by Erstwilder, check out three of my favourites!

Look, if there's one thing I really love, it has to be Sloths... This mini sloth brooch set has to be one of the cutest Erstwilder designs that I now own and they're a really great size too - not to small or to big. They fit really nicely on this collar without being too heavy which means they will be included with lots of my outfits, so adorable!

I also love a good flamingo accessory and this brooch is so elegant! Francie is royal with her crown and the pink tones are just so pretty, she's a little bit dainty and full of gorgeous detail. I'm just thinking of all the beautiful dresses and cardigans that I can pin beautiful piece this to!

Macaws are absolutely beautiful birds aren't they?! But how cool is Corey with his high-top sneakers and hat! This is brooch is slightly larger than some of my other Erstwilder bird brooches and I think that replicates the stature of these birds in a way... Well in brooch form that is. I love the vibrant yellow and blue that make this gorgeous design really stand out!

Photos by me

Brooches - c/o Erstwilder

I'm loving this whole quirky collection but the sloth set has to be my most favourite because how can you not love sloths and a matching brooch set that sits so perfectly on your collar?! I feel like the sloth set will be a go to accessory to pin on lots of my collars and chunky jumpers this season, too cute! Be sure to check out the full range here!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Sea Mist and the Navy Dress

Saturday, 12 May 2018


I say 'the navy dress' in the title because I'm certain this is now one of the best ones I own, because I love everything about it and has such a beautiful fit. I've already worn in a handful of times!

Photos by Mum

Outfit Details

1940s Navy Holt Swing Dress - c/o Unique Vintage
La Concorde Pirate Ship Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Madeline Shoes - c/o Shoe Fun

About a month ago when I was in Newcastle I wore this beautiful dress out for the day. It was a cold and rainy day which was perfect for a dress like this, the navy colour was fitting for the seaside visit too. 

This would have to be my favourite Unique Vintage dress, it's a beautiful design with an amazing fit and I have worn it a good few times since it arrived it, this is an Autumn/Winter staple already. I really love the front zip and hook at the front of the bodice for getting in and out of it, it's a subtle design detail and I think it also add to the beautiful fit of the dress. 
The skirt is very full and as you probably already know I don't wear petticoats very often, rarely even and it has beautiful volume on it's own. The sleeves are another great feature and elegant length with plenty of room for comfort and movement. I am wearing size small and the fit is just gorgeous, as you can tell I am pretty much in love with this dress, it made me feel great all day even if the rain and sea mist made my hair wild.

This weekend has been really cold, I spent the day catching up on the second season of The Handmaid's Tale and watching Netflix snuggled up in a blanket with a bit of sewing in between. I'm off to have some of the leftover stew I made last night with sweet potato mash.

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Chasing the Autumn Leaves

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


Review Australia has released some of the most beautiful pieces for Autumn, I'm featuring this amazing red dress and beautiful grey coat which work so well together!

Photos by Mum

Outfit Details

Lady in Red Dress and Tawny Coat - c/o Review Australia
Beret and Stockings - Myer
Shoes - I Love Billy

I was determined to find some beautiful golden Autumn leaves for photos with this outfit and I was so happy when I did come across some that weren't on a busy road or somewhere inconvenient. 

This dress is hands down one of the most gorgeous dresses and oh my gosh it's so comfy! There is no zip, just a button at the back of the neck, it's made of stretch material which also creates a gorgeous fit. It's so simple yet so chic and this dress just ticks all of the boxes. I styled it with black tights and a beret and I think that really shows off the vibrant red colour even more. I'm also in love with the embroidered collar, this is also detachable but I love it on. I'm a sucker for little embroidered details like this!
I am wearing size 6 as advised by Review and I couldn't be more happy with the fit of this one, it fits me so well but I am not restricted at all.  I can be a bit fussy with full sleeve dresses, this one is the best I have come across and something I can see myself wearing regularly... It's also very warm too.

Now onto the coat which is also amazing, it's so super luxurious. It's fully lined, has beautiful buttons, pockets, gorgeous lining and it has a detachable collar. I have always wanted a grey coat and am wondering why it took me so long to take the plunge. Grey clothing is one of my favourites (not that I wear a lot of it) and I adore this beautiful coat, it's such a lovely shade of grey too, the lighter grey contrasts so nicely with the bright red of the dress. I was so warm and snuggly shooting these images, I didn't want to take it off to shoot the dress haha. I always size up for coats and so I went for size 10 which is a great fit and just how I like my coats, I never like feeling restricted in my arms and shoulders and it's also nice to have room to layer. 

Thank you Review Australia for keeping me warm and stylish for the cooler weather!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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Sewing: Butterick B6322 Dress

Saturday, 5 May 2018


This is hands down one of my favourite dresses that I have ever made, it's not perfect but it will be next time and still, I don't even care it makes me happy when I wear it!

Outfit photos by mum / Sewing Detail photos by me

Dress Details

Dress Pattern - Butterick B6322 by Gertie
Fabric - Spotlight ($2.80 per metre, I used approx 4 metres)

I have wanted to make this dress for so long but I kept pushing it to the back of my pattern stash as I admit, it looked a little complex but I finally took the plunge and you know what? It wasn't hard at all! I actually found it really easy, it was just about being able to dedicate a good chunk of time to it. 

If you don't like gathering you may not like this pattern as there is a lot of it involved but I do like gathering so it was okay and if you don't I assure you it is very much worth it for the end result. I would say that was the most time consuming part of this project and very much required for the beautiful finished look. 

I didn't realise it until after I took these photos but I see one major fault, well it's not really major but just something to keep in mind next time I make this dress, my skirt is dropping too low where the corset waist meets which annoys me a little but I did make this with the intention of using a cheaper fabric as a wearable muslin. I'll let it slide this time but I don't think it takes anything away from this dress, just something to perfect next time. 

When it comes to sizing I cut size 8 but think that I could cut down to size 6 next time as the dress sits a little large on me in the bust and waist but again, still very wearable... So wearable in fact I have already worn it out four times since I completed it which is satisfying. Although this fabric didn't cost much it actually feels really nice to wear and I am obsessed with the print + colour palette. Also yes, the dress has pockets and I make sure to add them to almost every dress I make these days!

I have a lot of floral fabric in my fabric stash so I think I should make it with something like that next time or cactus print rayon that I have been holding onto for sooooo long, what do you think?

Here's to finally bringing sewing posts to the blog again, plenty more to come!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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