7 Months Post Partum

Friday 9 July 2021

20 weeks - 36 weeks - 30 weeks old/7 Months Post Partum

It always feels like an achievement these days to get a chance to sit at my computer for a couple of hours to sort photos (the many thousands of photos I take of Maddison), and what a treat it is to edit some and write a blog post too. 

Motherhood is beautiful and busy, you really do have to be willing to give yourself entirely to a small human that becomes the center of your world. My baby is worth every second of my time and I love being there for her no matter how tired I am, making her feel happy, loved and comfortable is the most rewarding feeling in the world for me.

These photos are not to be compared or to compare to my body pre and post pregnancy but it has become a fun creative photo series for me which I'll eventually add one more addition to. 

Here I am at 7 months post partum with my beautiful baby. Maddy is a clingy baby (which I would expect when they have spent more time inside the womb than out. Although it can be tiring at times being attached to your baby everyday it is beautiful as well, she will not always be this small and want to cuddle me like this forever so I soak it in each day because for me personally I just feel so honoured to be her mummy. I love the way that Max and I have become an even stronger couple as we take on parenthood together and navigate through each day as a team with our baby keeping us grounded as a family unit. Some days it can be challenging when we are both exhausted, we can get frustrated with each other but we always remember what's important, each other. 

In saying that I haven't had a lot of time to work out like I thought I would before Maddy was born, not to "bounce back" to what I was before pregnancy (and I didn't expect to) but just to work on my muscle tone and figure to feel good for me. I get out for a walk nearly everyday and I am basically weight training (carrying an almost 9kg baby and the weight keeps growing haha). I have my days where I don't feel super positive about my body especially when I see photos before I was pregnant but then a majority of the time I remind myself that I grew a human, pushed her out and now live life with her. I'm in no rush to be a certain way, I am healthy and recovered from pregnancy, birth and pretty traumatic post partum experience. I have definitely grown physically and mentally. 

We are now over 7 months into breastfeeding and this is another reason to not put pressure on myself, I need to eat to fuel my body in order to feed Maddy. I already had a huge appetite before pregnancy and breastfeeding but it's next level now and it is so important. I have never been one for diets and restricting what I eat so I wouldn't want to change now. As always I eat what I like and everything in moderation and fuel myself with nutrient dense foods. Before we even tried to get pregnant I dreamed of breastfeeding my future child. I had my challenges for the first 5 weeks breastfeeding on top of my post partum recovery but I am so proud of us and love it so much. Very thankful that did work for us.

I do miss wearing a portion of my wardrobe and my wardrobe is all breastfeeding friendly but honestly I'm surprised that I'm not missing it that much because I'm so distracted and obsessed with Maddy. I have just mixed my wardrobe up a bit and with the pandemic/lockdowns I'm not wearing anything fancy anyway for a good portion of the week.

This post doesn't have a specific direction to it rather just sharing some thoughts on motherhood and my post partum journey. I guess my biggest point is that I try not put too much pressure on myself no matter where I'm at and just soak up the love with Maddy. Oh and it felt nice to write in this space again!

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Kayla xo


  1. AnonymousJuly 09, 2021

    I really thought I would bounce back to my pre-pregnancy shape a lot quicker too. I wanted to breastfeed, but was unable to so I've no idea if that would have made much of a difference. Some people say it does.

    It's tough when you like vintage, as it often only comes in small sizes. Well - for me - I certainly went out of the size range! Anyhow, despite walks with the pram - I was generally so exhausted (I have a chronic health condition as well) that I just couldn't exercise any more vigorously. It took until my son was 2 before I could really start to get back to it and I think I'm only just doing enough to start to shift a little of the weight now he's 3. I'm sure I'll get there - and then I'l probably have another one! lol I just want to get back into a healthy weight range for the sake of my health - now and in the future. Oh and it would be nice to wear a few more of my vintage dresses too! Though that's not so practical when you're at the park every day going down slides with them! :D Enjoy every minute! x

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  9. I do miss wearing a portion of my wardrobe and my wardrobe is all breastfeeding friendly but honestly I'm surprised that I'm not missing it that much because I'm so distracted and obsessed with Maddy. I have just mixed my wardrobe up a bit and with the pandemic/lockdowns I'm not wearing anything fancy anyway for a good portion of the week.


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