Winter at the Beach

Friday 17 June 2022

Dress c/o Emily and Fin
Hat - Ghanda 
Sandals - Porronet

Long time no blog, I've been trying to get active on my blog again but life is busy with my 18 month old toddler and priorities change. Though I always did love having my own little corner on the internet to babble on about clothes for years and then pregnancy and life as a new mum. 

Emily and Fin has always been one of my favourite clothing brands, the quality is always outstanding and the prints are always so cute. I love that they have a retro vibe but without it being too much of a retro/vintage style if that makes sense. I find their styles just really easy to wear, I featured a couple of their dresses on my instagram earlier this year but did not get a chance to put them on my blog. 

This particular dress style has always been a favourite, back in 2016 when I collaborated with Emily and Fin I wore this same style (see post here) I wore this dress to death over a few summers to the point that the colours faded from all of the time in the sun, trips to the beach and just laying around the house in it. That is a good sign of a well worn and loved dress and how I'm trying to approch my wardrobe more these days, especially as a busy mum. I want clothes to last, be practical, make me feel good and last a good amount of time. 

I love this palm tree print for the cooler tones, this print reflects my style a little more these days and I've always loved the silhouette of this dress and the shape it creates, such a perfect fifties style with a modern look. The buttons are cute and functional, which is a great bonus for breastfeeding too and it has huge deep pockets like most of their designs. Pockets these days carry my phone, bibs, snacks for Maddy and many random things. And lastly the cotton is soft and breathable and I find that the dress doesn't wrinkle easily, I didn't even have to iron it when it arrived (yay because I have no time for that lol).

I used to wear size 8 in their brand but now wear size 10 which I have found to be the perfect fit amongst the 4 dresses I have tried this year. 

These photos were a less than 5 minute situation, I set Maddy up with a coconut yoghurt mix I made her before rushing out of the house and she happily watched me for a short period of time for giving me hugs and running around resulting in me chasing her. I love this fast paced life with my beautiful girl, it can be full on but is everything I ever wanted. I really find myself finding my style again, it can be very confusing and hard to work out what you want to wear after having a baby but it feels good to find this part of myself a little more lately as clothes and style has always been a major part of my life. 

Gracefullyvintage xo


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  7. I don't have much time to choose an outfit these days so having pieces like this makes my decisions a little easier and I can look cute when I need to get out of my trackies or house clothes to go to the park or pop into the shops.

  8. These beachside photos are really captivating. Winter is a wonderful time of year to visit the beach, breathe deeply, and experience quiet.


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