Tropical Twirling!

Thursday 7 November 2013

Dress - Trashy Diva
Shoes - I Love Billy
Sunglasses - Pared Eyewear

This is my second Trashy Diva dress (I still need to blog the first one I got)! This dress is so perfect for an Australian summer, the fabric is soft, luxurious, light and of course so pretty! 

These photos were taken at my boyfriend's house which is a very arty looking place, we then walked down the road to the waterfront to take photos and walk his dogs.

I am drawn to dresses with vibrant colours and patterns which have a flattering cut so I am very pleased that I bought it, I have my eye on so many Trashy Diva dresses now... Oh why are there so many beautiful dresses in the world!?! :')

Kayla - Gracefullyvintage xo


  1. I think I'm having a wardrobe envy!!! That dress is beautiful - I love that you wear such beautiful dresses every single day!

  2. Love that dress and those sunnies - just perfect together!


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