Italian Festival

Sunday 27 April 2014

Dress - 1950s vintage
Cardigan - Jaquie E
Shoes - I Love Billy

I went with Max and a couple of our friends to a local Italian Festival. Max and I danced around to the Italian music and had a yummy cannoli dessert. 

We then saw the Lego movie and to my surprise I really enjoyed it, it was very funny!

Max and I had a little stroll at the waterfront and he snapped a few photos of me. I love this vintage dress, I have had it for a few years now and it still looks good. It's great for both warm and cold weather. 

I hope you had a nice weekend too!

Kayla - Gracefullyvintage xo


  1. I love the dress, the flowers on it are so cute!
    And I would love to go to an Italian Festival, I've already been 4 times in Italy and the mood there is always happy and lovely...

    xoxo Emma

  2. You're really lovely! And such a cute dress; I love how it matches so well with that green cardigan.


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