Pink and Purple!

Monday 4 August 2014

Skirt - Collectif via The PinUp Gal
Boots - Kmart 

I had always dreamed of this cardigan and was so excited to finally purchase it a couple of months ago! It looks amazing with skirts, jeans and over dresses... And this Collectif skirt goes perfectly with it too!

I have been on a mission to own more pretty cardigans that feature interesting details and have had success building up my own collection of various brands over the year. Buying separates instead of dresses has been a wardrobe goal too.

This skirt is flattering and a good design for winter. Sometimes I forget how much I love pencil skirts and wiggle dresses so I must wear and blog them more!


  1. Very cute! I love your heels too!!

  2. You're looking truly beautiful with the cardigan and skirt!
    And I love the new look of you're blog.

    xoxo Emma

  3. Good ol' Collectif - that cardigan is so nice, and I love the pairing with purple. I don't know why I don't think of pairing pink and purple together more often, but I will now! CC x

  4. A little late with a comment, but I just have to because this is such an adorable outfit. The skirt is sublime and so flattering and shape-enhancing! And it works brilliantly with the combination of your cardigan, shoes and stockings (by the way, I think the subtler seam works better here than your usual contrast seam). You have really inspired me to think about these colours! Kx

  5. Super cute!!!!!! :)


    Truly stunning! The colours are all matching perfectly together!


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