The Perfect Vintage Cardigan!

Friday 5 September 2014

Cardigan - 1950s Vintage
Jeans - Bernie Dexter
Beret - Gift from Max
Brooch - Vintage
Shoes - I Love Billy

This outfit has been one of my most worn looks during Autumn and Winter usually with a coat over the top. And then there have been different variations all which usually revolve around the cardigan and jeans. This could be wearing flats for practicability on certain days, wearing my favourite sheer nylon headscarf and mixing up the brooch I pair it with...

My Aunty sent me this cardigan in the mail a few months ago knowing that I was dreaming of something just like it! She has a wonderful eye for picking out special things and she sourced this from the op shop that she volunteers at. Talk about luck that was my size and looked like it had never been worn.

My fabulous red beret was a very romantic gesture from Max that he brought back to me from Paris over four years ago!

And of course here I am wearing my favourite Bernie Dexter Skinny Dungarees, I love them!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage


  1. Damnit you look so cute in that ensemble - casual chic!!!

  2. Those pants look so, so seriously awesome on you!!! I don't have the legs for skin tight pants, so save for a beloved pair (my only pair, actually) of denim capris, I avoid them like there's no tomorrow. I love seeing how those who can rock them style theirs, especially when they're of a thoroughly vintage nature like these BD beauties.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. The brooch is very cute, and I love the all outfit!
    PS: As Lauren, I didn't know Bernie Dexter made jeans!


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