Oktober Dress

Thursday 16 October 2014

Dress - Hell Bunny via Stars and Swallows
Shoes - I Love Billy

I have wanted the Oktober Dress since it came out a year or two ago... I pondered if it was necessary for quite some time. I then came across Stars and Swallows on their Instagram page and couldn't pass up a good deal so ordered it last week with very quick shipping (yay!). I am glad I did because it one of the cutest dresses ever and Hell Bunny never disappoints! 

I believe that the local Oktoberfest event was cancelled last year and never came back but it won't stop me from wearing this cute dress. I don't think I even need a theme to wear it because I love it so much.

The corset ribbon detail and the cute sleeves are such a great touch and it is very flattering to wear! It was fun to have my hair like this and I think you will be seeing this hairstyle time to time again on the blog as it is perfect for Australian summer weather! 

I am bringing you an exciting series of posts to the blog very soon - so keep an eye out! 

Kayla - GracefullyVintage


  1. Such a great outfit lovelovelove!! Hair is so cute too! X

  2. you look so adorable :o your hair and that dress look super cute together ^^

  3. This look, you, and the background are all too pretty and ethereal!

    -Lauren Blair



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