Tuesday 1 September 2015

I have been searching for this Collectif knitted dress for quite a while and was very excited to find it recently! I wanted to wear it at least once before Spring and that is what I did, it is going to be the perfect dress for next Autumn/Winter.

Dress - Collectif
Hat - Gift
Shoes - I Love Billy

 It's warm, comfortable and such a great 20's style to suit what would have been ideal for everyday living. 

I am still practicing my finger waves and am pleased with how they turned out with limited time on Saturday. I woke up extra early to set my hair before meeting Renee for lunch, photos and a good chat. 

I never plan these videos though it is almost always guaranteed that I will just start dancing at any time. A new goal for myself would be to practice and learn 20's dancing more as I love the energy of it all. 

Speaking about dance and film I would love to create more dance clips and outfit videos for the blog, such a tap dance or whatever era I am currently dressed in, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Here is my previous 20's outfit that I blogged... I hope to add more 20's style clothing to my wardrobe over time.

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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  1. I don't think I ever clocked this dress when it first came out - and considering I've been following everything Collectif do for over ten years now, this stuns me! It's clearly one of those hidden gems it's easy not to look twice at, but on looks great! I don't think there's an era that doesn't suit you... love your faux bob too. Something I've never managed to achieve, despite trying! x

  2. So cute! The little video made me smile. You're adorable. I am also digging the pop of purple that the shoes provide!

  3. I must say I'm impressed how well that hat goes with the dress, they're perfect match! And yes to more videos!

  4. You style this so beautifully - so 20s! Kx

  5. Oh, my dear! I can't say how much I adore these photos (and the dancing steps!)
    The dress looks really nice and I wish I could do these fingerwaves myself but it's really hard to get those right. You look lovely in every vintage style!

    Emma - Little Miss Bamboo

  6. Some of these pics look so authentic I think with the right filter people would think they are genuine. It's so perfect! You are so confident in front of the camera

  7. Lovely, as always! I especially love those purple shoes for a nice pop of color! XO
    -Lauren Blair

  8. You look so wonderful dressing 20's style, that era suits you so well...so beautiful! Love your video as well, so fun! :)

  9. You suit the 20s look so well- its like a dropped waist and finger waves where what you were born for. Although I also love you in 40s style and 50s style.... you just look great in everything :)

  10. I love 1920's style on you! I'm not sure which is my favorite actually, 1960's or 1920's You look great in both. And yes! I love seeing you dance! More videos for sure! :D

  11. 20s and 60s are both perfect on you, so much fun! And yes, that dress is an excellent buy :)

  12. I love the little video clips ~ seeing something in a photograph can be so different from seeing it move in real time! Plus, your dancing is awesome. :P ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  13. Ravishingly awesome 1920s look. You are one of those awesomely lucky people who can sport looks from a huge range of decades, looking equally marvelous in all of them.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  14. a perfect mix of flapper and vamp !


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