Fifties Fair 2016 and My Under $100 Vintage Outfit

Wednesday 24 August 2016

The sun was shining, the classic car arrived and everyone was out in there best vintage get up for the Fifties Fair at Rose Seidler House, Wahroonga! 

I went with my beautiful bestie Renee and Max's mum + her friend Wendy were there too! I love Renee's dress, it also has a matching coat!

I finally got to meet the gorgeous Miss Ruby Rabbit, we had a great chat and her outfit and hair was amazing! She also makes magic setting spray which I use for a lot of my pin curls and roller sets!

I loved catching up with Casey and Briony - I met these two beautiful ladies when we worked together for the Fifties Fair promotional shoot. They are so sweet, so funny too! Still swooning over their outfits! 

I met the beautiful and very inspiring Tara Moss, I admit to being a little star struck but she was so down to earth and it was great to have a little chat with Tara too. Her outfit was stunning, what a wonderful woman!

Tired after the Fifties Fair!

I entered the best dressed competition and made it as a finalist - everyone had fun showing off their lovely outfits!

The beautiful Polly Polka-Dot won and I loved everything about her look! Check out her huge hat, that gorgeous dress and purse.

All smiles! The lovely lady on the left was wearing an original 1950's Qantas uniform which I believe was on loan to her from the Qantas museum. 

Some more photos of my outfit... 

Bonus photo: On Instagram at the end of the day + slight pouty face because the app kept crashing :'(

A couple of months ago I was searching Esty, eBay and Oh La La Vintage for my Fifties Fair dress, I was preparing to move house too... With my priorites in order and whilst on the hunt for a vintage dress I set myself the challenge to find a dress under $80 which turned out to be a lot cheaper than I expected so the overall outfit became an under $100 look. It's always nice to purchase more expensive pieces but I enjoyed this challenge and really love the dress I ended up with. I already had the necklace, hat, purse, shoes and earrings but I listed the prices I paid for them too, most being thrifted and from boot sales. The petticoat is a Hell Bunny one that I have had for years. I bought the faux fur cape in New Zealand in January when I was visiting family, it was a lucky find the day before mum and I left.. It has a cute little coin pocket inside it too.

Outfit details:
1950's Vintage Dress - Oh La La Vintage on Facebook (AUD $33)
1940'S(?) Faux Fur Cape - Thrifted ($5)
1950's Velvet Beaded Hat - Thrifted ($2)
Vintage Black Beaded Necklace - Boot Sale ($2)
1950's Sheer Vintage Gloves - eBay ($10)
1960's Vintage Purse - Bootsale ($6)
Stockings - eBay ($10)
Shoes - Target ($10)
Earrings - c/o Revere Folie

I was really after something different than the usual florals or pastels I like to search for. I like interesting prints and this one really caught my eye, as soon as I saw it I imagined all of the black accessories I already had and how perfect they would look with the dress. The dress was a bit of a fixer upper (another type of challenge I enjoy), I had to sew the arms again as the threads were very loose, I had to patch one of the shoulders, iron the bust as it was very out of shape and then stitch it into place. 

I of course left it three days before the Fifties Fair, I tried it on a couple of days before the event and it seemed to fit fine, though when I put it on just before leaving the house the shoulders seemed quite loose so I could have taken them in a bit, but I will do that at some stage anyway as I plan to wear this dress again in the near future. 

I met lots of wonderful ladies, some I know from Instagram too and they were so lovely, it's always so nice to meet people in person especially at events like this one. I'm really happy with how my outfit came together and had a great time at the Fifties Fair!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Looks like such a fun day - I'm rather hoping the vintage fair I go to in less than a fortnight now will be a lot like this! So many beautiful dresses - I'm really impressed you picked yours up for such a bargain! Although, considering how my funds are at the moment I'm glad I'm now not entering the best dressed competition at my fair because boy I couldn't compete if the entries were like that! x

  2. It seems that you had lots of fun! I wish that there would be things like a Fifties Fair where I live, haha! It is hard to believe that you found your dress for so cheap! It is so stunning and looks good as new and it pairs beautifully with your accessories and your hair color!

  3. I was looking forward to seeing these photos. You looked wonderful in that dress, and got to chat with so many interesting people. Just the kind of fair I would enjoy visiting myself. Xx

  4. I missed it this year as I was out at the cherry blossom festival at Auburn Botanical Gardens. Hope to see you there next year :)

  5. I wish they arranged events like that over here, I'd love to participate :) Looks like you had so much fun, and everyone was wearing so pretty dresses!

  6. Such stunning photos Kayla, I love, love your whole outfit - so wonderful it was all under $100. All the other ladies also looked beautiful as well! xo

  7. This looks like such a fun event and so many glamorous ladies in one post x

  8. Wow, everyone looks so stylish! I love all the gorgeous dresses, hats, and accessories on display. You did a fantastic job putting together an outfit on a budget - that dress is a real steal for only $80.

  9. How gorgeous do you look? It's an amazing dress and I live how you have styled it. It looks like it was a really fun day! Kx

  10. Oh, I keep missing your posts! You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit and the fair looks amazing. All those beautiful hats!! I particularly love the black saucer hat on the lady in green and black lace. That is to die for! xx

  11. Gorgeous outfit and so amazing that you got it all for under $100. Congratulations on making finalist in the best dressed contest. That is amazing to see the original Qantas uniform too! I always love seeing your pics from the fifties fair. Looks like it was a wonderful time out! <3

  12. How fabulously fun! It must be out-of-this-world awesome to get to interact with so many fellow vintage lovers (and wearers!) in person like this. I think many of us, who don't have events that allow for such where they reside, will be living vicariously through this awesome Australian fifties related gathering.

    Your outfit is absolutely beautiful! What a chic, fabulous frock!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  13. How stunning you look! Absolute perfection. I love this entire outfit, styled flawlessly as per usual! Looks like an amazing day, and I spy some utterly fabulous hats about.


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