Chromefest 2017 in Unique Vintage

Friday 17 November 2017

Chromefest was a few of weeks ago, it's a rockabilly festival I try to attend each year and I wore the most beautiful dress by Unique Vintage for the occasion!

Outfit Details 

Janie Bryant x Unique Vintage 1950s Birdie Swing Dress - c/o Unique Vintage
Hat - Vintage
Shoes - I Love Billy

A few weekends ago I went to a local rockabilly festival and it was the perfect opportunity to wear this beautiful dress out! Janie Bryant (e.g. Mad Men costume designer) teamed up with Unique Vintage to create a beautiful collection together. I love all of the dresses and separates, I couldn't go pass this dramatic dress as it reminds me so much of Betty Draper. 

When I first arrived at the festival my hair was in a perfect pageboy style and I looked a lot neater when I first arrived but this area is usually really windy but this particular day was extra windy and my hair got blown around so this was the end result. I probably should have worn my hair up, I was considering re-shooting this dress for a blog post but hey life isn't perfect (and neither am I or my hair lol) and I had a really great day in this dress so here I am on a very windy but lovely day. I feel like this is usually the norm for most events I attend, especially during spring/summer weather but hey that's all part of the experience at these events... Especially when you're walking around all day and it's so hot.

Back to the dress details, this dress is quite a heavy one weighing of 1kg and the fabric is luscious, glorious and beautiful... The contrasting rose print adds gorgeous colour + details to the dress, I love that the faux cummerbund extenuates the waist, the sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves are another favourite design detail too and how great are the rose print panels!?! I'm wearing my usual size small, I found the fit to be great, I may have been able to size down if I really wanted to as I had a bit of extra room in the waist but I don't think that I would have been as comfortable and I'm always very happy to stay in a size small for Unique Vintage as it always works for me. You can check out the full Janie Bryant x Unique Vintage Collection here!

Earlier this week I finally had my first swim of the season and I will be blogging the swimsuit that I wore very soon, can't wait to share! Have a great weekend!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Hoping this posts today! Having so many issues with commenting on Blogger blogs... Anyway, I can't believe this is Unique Vintage! I realise it's a collaboration, but it really does look very special. The perfect dress for a day out like this and I love it with a dramatic hat. Very chic! x

  2. It IS such a heavy dress! I saw it in a shop near me and I wish I had tried it on but the weight is what made me pass. I bet you got a bit of a workout walking around in it! Worth it, though, because you look awesome. I wish I had tried it on now!!

  3. I love car shows! Not only is it the perfect place to dress up, but it's just fun to see so many vehicles of the past. And the dress, I've never seen such a creation! The sort of drop waist is so interesting, too. Thanks for posting!
    ~ Megan Joy

  4. Wow such a gorgeous dress on you Kayla! I really would love to attend Chromefest one year soon! :)

  5. The dress looks so authentic, it's hard to believe it's repro! That hat sets it off to perfection. I would have loved seeing all those fancy cars! Xx

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