South American Socialites with Erstwilder

Thursday, 17 May 2018

The South American Socialites collection is the latest release by Erstwilder, check out three of my favourites!

Look, if there's one thing I really love, it has to be Sloths... This mini sloth brooch set has to be one of the cutest Erstwilder designs that I now own and they're a really great size too - not to small or to big. They fit really nicely on this collar without being too heavy which means they will be included with lots of my outfits, so adorable!

I also love a good flamingo accessory and this brooch is so elegant! Francie is royal with her crown and the pink tones are just so pretty, she's a little bit dainty and full of gorgeous detail. I'm just thinking of all the beautiful dresses and cardigans that I can pin beautiful piece this to!

Macaws are absolutely beautiful birds aren't they?! But how cool is Corey with his high-top sneakers and hat! This is brooch is slightly larger than some of my other Erstwilder bird brooches and I think that replicates the stature of these birds in a way... Well in brooch form that is. I love the vibrant yellow and blue that make this gorgeous design really stand out!

Photos by me

Brooches - c/o Erstwilder

I'm loving this whole quirky collection but the sloth set has to be my most favourite because how can you not love sloths and a matching brooch set that sits so perfectly on your collar?! I feel like the sloth set will be a go to accessory to pin on lots of my collars and chunky jumpers this season, too cute! Be sure to check out the full range here!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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  1. This must be their most quirky collection to date! X


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