Second hand Shopping Adventures!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Hi everyone!

I spent the weekend with my mum going to a couple of boot-sales and enjoying the weekend together.

I purchased quite a few great things that I adore!

 I bought up these late 1950s/60s lampshades! I think they're gorgeous and they didn't cost me much at all!

I was lucky to get a box of vintage material! There is enough to make a couple of dresses, a skirt and some playsuits... I'll just show you a few of them.
 I love the birds on this material!
 This is a little weird, maybe kids material, I would still use it though, maybe a skirt!
And this! It's the same as the first material but the colours are slightly different! I'm going to have a couple of beautiful summer dresses with this material!
I found these  old international coins in the bottom of the material box, the previous owner must have forgotten about them. Some are from 1946, 1950 and through to the 1980s.
I got this delightful egg serving plate and my mum loved it so much that she made curried eggs to serve with dinner.
I got hold of some old knitting books, I just love the photos and designs.
I love collecting these little pictures, I already have few and came across these ones!
Mum and I had a nice drink after our shopping adventures! Mum had a soy cuppuccino and I had a beautiful iced tea with lots of fruit through it!
 My yummy iced tea!
And the dogs had their dog treats (bought from the boot-sale from the dogs treat man).

Mum was happy to pick up That 70's Show the complete boxset for $30 like new!

There's something for everyone!


  1. I wish you lived in the US; you seem like so much fun to hang out with!!! You've gotten me in the thrift-shopping & sewing mood today... Keep being lovely and wonderful!!!!

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