Sewing Plans!

Tuesday 16 October 2012

Hi everyone,

Well I've been practicing my sewing, though not as much as I would have liked to recently as university and my work placement has made me incredibly busy! As well as hanging out with my family and boyfriend when I'm not writing essays.

But this is a post to show you some of the patterns I have and/or will arrive in the mail soon. I hope to make these in time and they're all such beautiful, fun vintage patterns.

I already have some vintage fabric I picked up cheap though I'll probably make a trip to spotlight to drool over the many beautiful fabrics they have to offer.

And again, I thank my amazing mum for teaching me how to sew she makes it easier and quicker to learn!

It's true I have the sewing bug... I adore it!

 Nautical cuteness!

A playsuit and matching skirt to go over-top!
A tailored matching outfit!
Gorgeous day dresses!
And these cute dresses!

I'll keep you updated as my sewing progresses and I work on these patterns! Wish me luck!

Do you sew? Or would you like to? What would you most like to make? (So many questions)!

Here are a couple of my last sewing posts if you missed them: 1 & 2

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