Out and About!

Sunday 18 November 2012

Hi everyone!

I recently went to a local fundraiser and saw a local production of Grease... Here are some photos!
 Hell Bunny Ursula Dress and my 1950s beaded/tapestry purse

My vintage 1950s back seam stockings and Dita Von Teese Von Follies garterbelt.
Once I had finished styling my hair and put on my make-up  I was feeling a little bit Grace Kelly-like (yay)!
With my boyfriend, Max! <3
And with Brood, we spoke about bras, Hell Bunny, vintage and blogging! Check out Broods Big Bras!
Mum and I enjoyed the show, we love seeing great local productions!
 Not a very good pose... Everyone was exiting the theatre and mum was going to get trampled!!

I was only able to stay at the fundraiser for an hour, but Max called me up after the show to tell me that we had won a Sydney harbour cruise lunch! We plan to go on that a couple of days before my birthday (we're about an hour or so away from Sydney)! Very exciting!

Are you getting up to anything exciting soon?

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