I'm Still Here!

Wednesday 9 January 2013

I haven't blogged a lot lately with my birthday, Christmas and the new year...

However, I am back and have a new camera which has motivated me to take more outfit photos! 

Yesterday Sydney faced temperatures of 43 degrees Celsius... I live about an hour or so for Sydney and the it got to about 40 degrees Celsius, it was a little lower as I live on the coast. 

I spent the day in the pool in the backyard and drank plenty of water... After dinner I swam around in the pool until 10pm! 

Today it is on 26DC, thank goodness! So I just put something simple on with no make-up to go down to the shops... Well just a bit of pink lipstick.

I bought this dress for $2 at an op-shop. It was about a size 14 so I altered it to fit me. It's not an amazing dress, but it's not bad for wearing down to the shops... I like the little leaves and the pale pink colour of the dress. My mother insisted that I put this belt in to finish off the look.

I am going to New Zealand in a couple of weeks and will spend a week there. I'm going with my boyfriend and we will be in Wellington. I will then be taking a train trip to Masterton to visit my Grandparents which I am looking forward to.

I have quite a few new dresses and have many outfit posts planned whilst I'm on my trip and hopefully I can blog while I am away!


  1. I love your dress, is so sweet on you:)

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