By the Harbour - Wellington New Zealand

Thursday 31 January 2013

Dress - Hell Bunny "Bobbi Lee" dress
Shoes - eBay

I am back from a wonderful trip... I spent a week in New Zealand, mainly Wellington. I wore fabulous dresses, ate great food and met some lovely people. Wellington is a such a beautiful city full of culture, food, fashion and beautiful views.

I went with my boyfriend Max and his friends, they were going along for an Xbox LAN to compete against other teams and of course they won! It was Max and my first adventure abroad together and it was great, I loved traveling and exploring with my best friend.

I got the chance to meet one of Max's gamer friends and his girlfriend Danica who live in New Zealand we went out as a group that night for Mexican food. I spoke to Danica about fashion and blogging and a couple of days later we had tea together, we did some vintage shopping and even had a spontaneous photoshoot!

Danica and I worked so well together and had the same vision for the photos, I had three outfit changes so look out for future blog posts. As you can see she is very talented and the day was a lot of fun.

It's nice to be home now, I just handwashed all of my dresses and have a big day of ironing tomorrow!


  1. I absolutely agree with everything Harlow Darling said. You look fabulous!

  2. Stop being so cute and gimme all your dresses! :) xo

  3. That dress, oh my word, that dress is so, so sublimely pretty! (I'm coveting it like there's no tomorrow!) You and this oceanfront setting both look so immensely beautiful.

    ♥ Jessica


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