A sunny day, a white dress and flowers!

Sunday 17 March 2013

Today I went to a local festival with my Aunty, I bought an Audrey Hepburn book and another book on Classic Hollywood Stars...

I bought this white dress about a month or so ago online and it needed a bit of a fix up. The dress went to my ankles and it wasn't quite as white as it is now. 

So my mum quickly chopped the dress and redid the hem, I adjusted the straps and I soaked it in the tub overnight - and just like that, the dress became very wearable! I love the little star/starfish detail on the bodice and skirt! 

I bought my huge parasol at an op-shop for just $5! It's so beautiful and a very lucky find. I've found a lot of old umbrella's this past week and hopefully they'll make an appearance very soon on the blog.

My Aunty and I then had a drink at the beach... My Aunty had a coffee and I had a strawberry milkshake as I have been really wanting one lately. It was so windy, as you can probably tell and my hair kept flicking onto my red lipstick which was annoying!

We then went to Bunnings (a hardware store) to look at all the flowers! Like a lot of people I do enjoy taking photos of flowers and I just love all of the pretty colours and textures! 

Well, that is what I got up to today and I'm glad that I was able to take some blog photos!

Kayla xo


  1. What a darling dress - definitely love the starfish! And the little straps! Sooo gorgeous! You look super adorable with the parasol as well - stunning stunning!


  2. Beautiful! Look at that weather! Jealous! X

  3. Gorgeous! I'm jealous of all that sunlight... it's currently gray and snowing where I am! Looks like you made good use of it, with your adorable parasol!

    xox Sammi

  4. You are so adorable!!!

    I just found your blog and I love it. :) That dress looks absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Love the alterations you did to the dress and the parasol is just lovely!


  6. The cut and fabric of your dress is so pretty!


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  8. Beautiful post! I love the parasol. I want one just like it.


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