Photoshoot - Part 1!

Thursday 7 March 2013

Here are four photos from a recent photoshoot I had! The dress in the first photo is 1950s vintage (so is the hat), the nautical dress is reproduction and the dress in the last photo is 1950s vintage (a homemade dress I believe).

I had a lot of fun having my photos taken and changing outfits... The photographer (Brianna) wanted to imitate old photos and I think we both did quite well!

Brianna is a wonderful photographer and I'm glad that we had similar goals for the photoshoot and went in that direction to achieve great results!

It was so windy that day so my pin-curled hair went all over the place! My hair kept hitting my red lipstick and I kept re-pinning my fringe into place... I had a lovely bright red streak in my hair... Though I got rid of it... But luckily my hair looked quite decent in the final photos.

I will be posting more photos in the next few days!

Kayla xo


  1. these are so lovely! they look like they are genuinely old photos! and i absolutely love your had!xx

  2. This is perfect!!! I adore it really.

  3. Such a gorgeous shoot! I love all the images - you look genuinely 50s and these photos could really have been taken back then! Lovely lovely!



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