Almost Christmas!

Sunday 22 December 2013

Dress - Bernie Dexter
Shoes - I Love Billy

Here is the beautiful and festive Bernie Dexter dress that I am completely obsessed with! I have worn it many times out to the shops this month! It's perfect for the hot Australian summer with the open back and sleeveless design. Even though the design on the dress shows cool, snowy weather and is the total opposite of an Australian Christmas the dress is indeed perfect for summer haha - I can't wait to layer it in winter too!

I finished my Christmas shopping a week or so ago, however, I am waiting for a few more presents to show up in the mail! I have made shortbread for Christmas and other various yummy things. I really hope that it's a cool day, it would make Christmas more enjoyable and relaxing, that's for sure. 

I still have a couple more Christmas outfits to blog, which are two homemade dresses and one of them has cats on it (you may have seen it on my instagram or Tumblr account if you follow me)!

Kayla - Gracefullyvintage


  1. Oh gosh I love that dress - I thought about getting myself one but I knew I would be too bitter about the lack of snow here :P You look lovely!! :) It fits you sooo well!

  2. Oh, I love that dress and it fits you perfect!!
    You look so lovely, just like always...

    xoxo Little Miss Bamboo ~

  3. You have perfect dress for Christmas :). I can't wait for Holidays :)

  4. it is the most perfect dress ever for Christmas! beautiful you in these beautiful pics x x x

  5. that dress looks incredible on you. :)

  6. the print of that dress is a dream, i have so much nostalgia looking at it, reminds me of my childhood somehow, that magical white wonderland;) bernie dexter seriously has the most beautiful dresses!

  7. Wow you have so many dresses with so lovely christmas prints, and all are incredible.

    Your hair is stunning!

    Nella Fragola


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