Plaid and Confusing Weather!

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Dress - Trashy Diva
Shoes - I Love Billy
Handbag - Jigsaw Australia
Umbrella - Vintage
Lipstick - Lime Crime Velvetines: Red Velvet

I haven't been blogging lately as my life has become a little more busy and the weather has been annoying... Lots of rain and overcast weather. I love the rain but I need to blog!

It is Autumn now but there will still be plenty of hot and humid weather in the lead up to winter. 
My mum and I made a quick trip to Chatswood today and indulged in the most wonderful Sushi, though I failed to get photos as I just wanted to eat it - haha! 

This dress is perfect no matter what the weather, it was humid with light rain today so the low back and skinny straps were wonderful! I am so excited to layer it with sheer blouses when the weather gets cooler... 
I picked up some goodies at the op-shops today too: a wonderful 1960s slip to wear under my dresses, a bunch of pretty lace for sewing, a tiny little vintage needlepoint purse and The Philadelphia Story on DVD. 
Kayla - Gracefullyvintage xo


  1. Dear the most beautiful angel! I love your look. So lovely!! Kisssssssssssssss

  2. That dress is simply stunning on you! The colour of the dress is gorgeous, and I love those shoes :)


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