Gingham Crop Top and the Perfect Jeans!

Saturday 12 July 2014

Gingham gypsy top - Made by me!
Dungarees - Bernie Dexter
Shoes - Target

Photos from my recent photoshoot with my talented friend Renee! Emphasis of these photos is on the amazing jeans! They are my go to jeans for Autumn and Winter. They are so flattering and very comfy!!! I made this top a few months ago and it has a matching gingham skirt - I will blog the full outfit in the warmer seasons. And I have been wanting a good excuse to wear these shoes since I first bought them!

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  1. Kayla your figure is amazing - I'm so jealous!

  2. You look so good in those jeans - I am looking to get some jeans and am looking at vintage styles but my figure is not so good as yours and I try to avoid tight trousers on modesty grounds. I am sure I will find some which are suitable fairly soon

  3. You look gorgeous! This are the best photographs I ´ve seen of you. :)


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