Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Frenchie style dress is one of my favourites and I just love the Eiffel Tower print. It is starting to get cooler now...

Dress - Bernie Dexter
Cardigan - Collectif 
Shoes - Spendless Shoes
Beret - Gift (From Paris)
Necklace - Vintage 

Though this can quickly change to be warm again. I love pairing my summer dresses with cute cardigans and accessories when it starts to get chilly... Soon enough I will be able to wear stockings again, yay!

I couldn't help but wear my beret with this dress a few days ago and of course it only seemed right to match my shoes and a necklace. This particular day it was cool in the morning and then it heated up a bit, so off the cardigan went. I also built up a sweat buying sweet potato and carrying it to the car, it was only 99cents a kilo, so I bought heaps of it to make pumpkin/sweet potato soup and vegetable pies!

Do you like to layer up summer dresses for Autumn and Winter? I do, otherwise I would miss wearing them!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo

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  1. You look lovely! The frenchie dress is my favourite too, it's just SO flattering and the Eiffel tower print is just gorgeous. I'm yet to get a Bernie Dexter dress in that print but hopefully I will one day! :)

    I always layer dresses in winter, I'm not much of a pants person so I usually wear a dress with thick tights and a coat or thick cardigan depending on how cold it is. Plus, then I can justify spending and buying more dresses, because I wear them all year round!

    Alecia xx

  2. This is sooooooo cuteee!! I love your hair and the dress and the cardigan and the beret and everythingggggg.... sigh!!!

  3. Tres magnifique, mon chéri!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. This dress is probably as close as any dress gets to perfection. The colours, the print, the style... le sigh. And beautiful on you, of course! I pretty much forget I own summer dresses in winter though - our winters are not warm enough to get away with just throwing a cardigan over a thin dress... you'd freeze!

  5. What a gorgeous dress! I love the print and the colors, very fun, playful, and vibrant. I'm really diggin the red with it - I wouldn't normally think to put another bold color in with the pink and the blue, but I think it really works!
    I'm in the other hemisphere, so we're just leaving winter behind, but I'm really happy to be able to do a sundress with a pretty cardigan or sweater again. It's just such an easy, pretty combo to throw on.
    Zella Maybe

  6. As a fellow Aussie, I am so with you on layering summer dresses in autumn and winter. I love that my vintage wardrobe is pretty much wearable all year around! Yay for the southern hemisphere and hot weather! :D

    This dress is super pretty incidentally, and you've styled it beautifully with those pops of cherry red. A lovely look! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  7. The dress and beret are perfect for each other! Kx

  8. I feel like this dress/print was made for you!! Stunning pic- as always!

  9. Love this dress on you! The cut is so perfect on you!


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