Saturday 10 March 2018

Beaded dresses always bring glamour and Gatsbylady makes such beautiful dresses!

Photos by Mum

Outfit Details

Beverly Fringe Flapper Dress in Champagne Blush + Headband - c/o Gatsbylady
Shoes - Jason Wu x Vivienne Westwood

I've been having trouble with blog posts lately as I'm still sorting my computer out, I'm happy to finally be sharing some images of this beautiful dress by Gatsbylady. I featured this beautiful brand on the blog a couple of years ago and am excited to have it back. 

I love this dress as it has beautiful elements of the 1920s with it's luxurious beading and design but it can be mixed with modern pieces too, I tried it on with a pink coat over top once and it looked so cute. I love that Gatsbylady dresses have built in slips which makes it easy to pop on without the worry about finding the right slip to wear with it. 

This colour is unique and a little bit different to other beaded dresses that I have seen which is why I was drawn to it. The neckline is absolutely stunning too. I'm wearing size 6 which seems to be a perfect fit and it's a comfortable dress too. Gatsbylady also offer a beautiful range of head wear, this headband is the perfect way to finish the look and makes it just that little bit more glamorous. These dresses are always high quality which are made to last for years to come.

I started sewing another dress this week which is almost finished and I really love it, I hope to share it here on the blog soon. Although the blog has been pretty quiet lately I have enjoyed a bit of a break which always leads to a little more inspiration too. I've mentioned my love of boho style clothing and I'm sure it's quite obvious that I like to wear lots of different clothing styles/eras.. I might bring some of these looks to the blog when I do get images of these outfits.

Be sure to head to the Gatsbylady website to see more of their beautiful designs!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Ooooh the flapper look! So cute!

    Lilly xoxo

  2. I think flapper dresses are really easy to be same - they’re black or silver, they’re strappy etc so it’s really nice seeing one that’s so different. The colour is divine, the neckline is stunning and of course it helps it really suits you! Makes me wish there were more reasons to own such beautiful dresses - although my one beaded dress like this I have I feel like I’ll treasure forever for being such a beautiful piece of work x

  3. Very sweet! Love the colour on you.

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