Princess Highway

Friday, 23 February 2018

I'm featuring three different looks that I have styled + worn this past fortnight by the brand Princess Highway! This collaboration was mainly for my Instagram but I wanted to offer sizing advice and a little more about my love for this brand. If you love staple wardrobe pieces, amazing jumpsuits and cute 60's shift dresses be sure to check out this blog post and Aussie based brand!

Look 1

Ida Blouse (white), Suzie Culottes (light denim) and Hazel Cardigan (cream) - c/o Princess Highway
Bag is also Princess Highway I bought this when in Melbourne at one of their Stores
Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Shoes - c/o Miz Mooz

Princess Highway has been a brand that I have always been familiar with (it's sold at Dangerfield stores here in Australia), it wasn't until my visit to Melbourne with mum last month that the obsession began. We must have visited about 5 or so Princess Highway stores and each visit was amazing. The clothes are beautiful, the stores are so pretty and the staff are so helpful and lovely!

Look one is a comfortable and easy look, a good pair of culottes ( and make that denim culottes) is a wardrobe staple, I could wear these with so many of my blouses, tops and knitwear for an easy look. I have already worn them at least three times since receiving them. I am wearing size 8 (side note: I'm wearing size 8 for each Princess Highway garment in this blog post) and have plenty of room to move but I like the way they fit. They also feature deep pockets with enough room for my phone and elastic at the back. A white blouse is another wardrobe essential, this one has a cute collar, is a lovely crisp white and the cotton is so nice to wear. I plan to mix and match it with skirts and dresses etc. 

Look 2

January Jumpsuit (blue) and Hazel Cardigan (cream) - c/o Princess Highway
Atomic Tote - c/o Sun Jellies
Hat - Rivers
Shoes - Novo

Princess Highway make some of the cutest jumpsuits EVER! I bought one when in Melbourne which I wore on my trip and wore the next day after purchasing it because I was so excited about it and the January Jumpsuit shown in this post did not disappoint. I love the length, square neckline, the ruffles on the straps, the pockets and gorgeous print. Although the size 8 fit me quite well, I did find it to be extra roomy so maybe I could have gotten away with the size 6... But I like the I can move with ease when wearing it and I took it for a bike ride which passed the comfort/practicability test.

I'm a big fan of Princess Highway knitwear too, this beautiful embroidered cardigan is just dreamy and how cute are the scalloped arms, this cardi goes with lots of things in my wardrobe too. Cute cardigans are always a wardrobe essential!

Look 3

Pom Pom Flower Dress (navy) - c/o Princess Highway
Earrings - Vintage (boot sale find)

Shift dresses will always be a favourite for me, especially when they're the perfect length that don't leave me feel over exposed when I'm our and about. Wearing 60s mod styles and 70s maxi dresses complete with a neutral lip and a beehive will always make me feel amazing too. I saw some of the Princess Highway girls rocking some of the shift dresses in Melbourne and when I saw this gorgeous dress I had to try it out and as soon as I put it on I loved it! 

I adore the print, fabric and style of this dress. Having vintage clip-on earrings that are the perfect match made me love this look even more. The size 8 was a little more roomy than I thought it would be but then again it's quite appropriate with this type of dress, again maybe size 6 would work but I felt comfy and free in this dress. I just paired it with plain black flats as we were walking the dogs and got some photos of the dress during golden hour, Fifi and Leo approve too!

Photos by Mum

So as you can tell, I'm pretty much in love with Princess Highway, the online experience was smooth and my in store experience last month that started my obsession with this brand was amazing. Even my mum loved their stores and bought herself the cutest pink cat theme handbag!

My computer parts should be arriving today and my computer will be up and running very soon. It has been weird not sticking to my regular blogging schedule but I probably needed to slow down and have a break. Thanks to Max for letting me take over his computer to move photos from my camera to an external hard drive and my mum for letting me borrow her laptop for the week, oh and to my brother who is fixing my computer - legends!

Thank you Princess Highway for this fun collaboration.

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. I never heard about that brand before, but it really looks soooo lovely! You've got a great sense of style~

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  2. What an adorable brand, I really love all the pieces you're wearing here. And I do appreciate the inclusion of culottes and jumpsuits, as much as I love dresses (and that's an exceptionally cute shift in these photos) sometimes you can't beat the care-free aesthetic and practicality of trousers! xx

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  14. Hi I am wondering if Princess Highway shoes are a true size I am size 7 but I buy size 38, should I stick to size 38 on Princess H shoes?
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