Thursday, 14 March 2019

It has been a little while since I rocked a nautical dress like this and I am absolutely loving my first Retrolicious dress! I had to take it out to the waterfront for these photos of course!

Photos by Mum

Outfit Details

Lost at Sea Dress - c/o Retrolicious
Brooch - Erstwilder
Belt - old
Hat - Rivers
Shoes - c/o Shoe Fun

I have always been curious about Retrolicious clothing, they offer lots of beautiful styles and prints. I was super excited to try this gorgeous nautical shirtwaist dress. The more you look at the print, the more you see, it is so full of detail!

It's always exciting when I find a shirtwaist dress that suits me and fits really well, the dress has functional front buttons, a side zip, pockets and is made with lovely breathable cotton fabric. It seems to tick all of the boxes. I wore it all day, on a humid day might I add and I was very comfortable. I am wearing size small and love the fit, it fits well without making me feel restricted.

Shipping was also really quick from the US to Australia so all in all I have been really impressed with this brand so far! I think this will be one of my go to dresses as it is so cute and just an easy dress to chuck on too... They are my favourite kind of dresses lately as life is so busy. 

Kayla - Gracefullyvintage


  1. I am so happy I found your blog and instagram account again!
    I've lost them a while ago, (like two and a half years ago) and found you on pinterest! Which then brought me here, you're so pretty and I absolutely adore your clothes!

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