Autumn at the Beach

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Photos by Mum

Outfit Details

Tropicana Dress - c/o Hell Bunny
Belt - Princess Highway
Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Hat - Thrifted
Shoes - Wittner

You have probably noticed my lack of blogging lately, life has been busy and although I have missed it the break has been nice. It is now Autumn here in Australia though it is only early, we are starting to feel the chill here in NSW but the sun is still really warm, I went for a swim or two about a week ago!

What better way to blog again than with one of my all time favourite brands, I selected a few really beautiful and easy to wear pieces that suit my lifestyle at the moment, though I always make time to go to the beach, it always relaxes me.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog but Max and I got engaged earlier this year, he gave me the most beautiful antique Victorian ring and asked me on these rocks by the beach.

As for this gorgeous dress, I wearing my usual size xs, it is a little loose on my waist which I have pulled in with a belt, it has pockets, a pom pom trim on top, adjustable straps with bows on top and a gorgeous pineapple-tropical print. It is nice and light to wear which is essential for really hot weather, it also looks super cute with a cardigan.

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Love the dreamy/hazy vibe of these photos! And such lovely memories of the rocks! You're gonna make one heck of a beautiful vintage bride!!

  2. Gorgeous photos Kayla! Congratulations on your engagement...I'm in the middle of preparations for my wedding! :)

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