Hello 2020

Saturday 18 January 2020

Photos: Mum

Dress - Tigerlily
Sunglasses - c/o Specsavers Australia x Red or Dead
Silver Rings and Earrings - Pandora
Necklace - Ishka 
Shoes - Wittner

It has been a very long time since I have used this space and written a blog post. 2019 was a busy year and I also had computer issues which I think now was probably a good thing. I haven't been too active here and on Instagram as much as I used to and I enjoyed the break. 

2019 was a handful in the best possible way. I worked a lot, studied, I finally put the time and energy into getting my license during 2018 and then got my licence January 2019, we went to lots of friends weddings, had lots of time with family and friends, Max and I got engaged in February, we planned our wedding and then got married in November... Oh and just to top it off we moved during the middle of the year, because why not do it all at once hey?! But it was definitely one of the greatest years ever!

Though the most tragic part of 2019 has been the fact that our country is on fire. People have died, people have lost their homes and it is thought that almost a billion animals have been killed due to the fires. The country has been burning for months and it is frightening. 

I have always been one to love so many different fashion styles and my style is always evolving. I still love to wear my retro dresses but have fallen in love with beautiful floaty-boho style dresses like this one and finally found a pair of jeans that actually fit good, look good but also feel good. 

I was starting to feel a little stuck in one style as a blogger as if I wasn't able to try anything else and keep up a certain appearance, I decided not to restrict myself and jump into different styles like I normally would, I have always liked to dress a certain style depending on how I feel that day. 
Since growing out my natural hair colour the past couple years my curls have been bouncing back to what they used to be so I don't do that much styling to them anymore. I love having a blog and Instagram where I have a whole archive of all of the things I've worn and how my style has evolved and I can look back on all of these images.

I can't wait to share some of our wedding images when we have the full gallery back, we were so so happy with the previews we got a week after the wedding and our videographer sent back our wedding film a month after the wedding and we were absolutely blown away and felt so lucky to have had such talented people capturing our special day.

Well I must leave you there, I haven't written here for so long that I'm starting to ramble on!


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