Brunch Date Look

Monday 3 February 2020

Beret - Myer
Luxe Monaco Heels in Metallic French Champagne - c/o Charlie Stone Shoes

Another set of images I posted on my Instagram and are now being archived into the blog. Take about a week or so after our wedding. We went out for brunch and Max took some quick photos of me in this super cute Hell Bunny outfit. 

Pinafores always make me feel so cute but I love that this one has such a lovely fit to it that it feels like a more mature style pinafore dress, the twirling skirt and pockets give it extra bonus points. I love it styled with this simple knit top though I bet it would look cute without a layered top for the warmer weather, I must try that!

The shoes are so beautiful, I wore them during the evening of my wedding too. They were a sweet gift sent to me from Sam of Charlie Stone Shoes and I loved them so much for how glam they are but also comfortable the heel is. 


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