15 weeks

Monday 8 June 2020

Outfit from last Tuesday when I was 15 weeks pregnant. It felt nice to put on one of my favourite dresses and my new mustard jumper. I had a bit of returning morning sickness so wasn't feeling the best early last week but am doing better the past 4 days.

Mum and I went for a walk by the beach and then we stopped for a smoothie/coffee at the beachside café which feels like ages ago since we last did so!

All I want to wear at the moment is clothes that are easy to layer, I get hot easily at times and it that can make me feel like faint and/or uncomfortable at times if I can't shed the layers easily. Yes, it is winter here in Australia now but I'm still dressing like it's summer partially, but the whole layer thing is what I feel comfortable in at the moment. Though I still need some pregnancy tights so I don't freeze my legs off.

I have been back at work the past couple of weeks and it's defiantly a lot more tiring when you're pregnant but it's nice to be getting back into it.

It was Max's birthday yesterday and I made him a Nutella tart for his birthday cake and oh my gosh it was sooo yummy! We just got back from a walk not too long ago at the waterfront and I snapped a few quick pics... It's basically the opposite of this outfit, except this time my dress is mustard and my cardigan is black haha!



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