17 Weeks

Thursday 25 June 2020

Overalls - Big W
T-shirt - Kmart
Beanie - Seed Heritage
Coat - Tigerlily
Shoes - Adidas

Photos from a couple of weeks ago when I was 17 weeks pregnant and went for breakfast + a walk hence my favourite sneakers again, today I'm 19 weeks! I have been getting more energised and getting through my work days pretty well. Though today I stayed home as I wasn't feeling the best but after a day of rest I feel a bit better now. 

I have an intense hunger these days, I never thought that would be the case again when I was in the height of my first trimester nausea and morning sickness. Last night I thought that I felt some small flutters, it felt like fish tapping or nibbling me, it didn't last very long and no it was not gas (maybe TMI but hey that is pregnancy). 

The bump has really started to grow the past few weeks and I am loving every moment watching the slight progress. I am always rubbing my belly or resting my hand on it, it's a nice comforting feeling and Max also does the same, he also likes to get down on my bumps level to start talking to Sprinkle (the nickname we have given bub since we first found out) - it is the sweetest thing and he loves watching the bump grow too. 

I'll post some of my 18 week photos in a few days and I'll have to snap a few 19 week photos soon too. The weeks seem to be going a bit quicker now I'm back at work. Those couple of months on the couch and in bed during first trimester morning sickness and covid when work was inactive seemed rather long compared to now. I'm making sure to enjoy the progress though and still find it so surreal that we are having a baby but am always so thankful for what my body is doing.

Kayla x

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