Our Wedding - Getting Ready Part 3: The Boys

Wednesday, 6 January 2021


When waiting for our wedding photos to come back, one thing I was really excited for was to see the boys photos and they did not disappoint! 

Our rings - 

My ring was my Great Grandmother's wedding ring from the 1920's. My mum kindly gave it to me. I wanted a simple gold band and I was lucky to be given a family heirloom that I had always loved but had never asked for. I have very small fingers so it was resized a couple of months beforehand. My engagement ring now needs a repair or slight redesign to strengthen the claws, I was thinking of using the leftover gold from my wedding band which would be quite cool to incorporate some of the gold to match. My antique engagement ring is Victorian era with opal, diamonds and rose gold - you can see that in my part one wedding post.

Max wanted something different and unique, I sourced a maker on Etsy and we found exactly what he had in mind. A black ring made of carbon fiber with a wooden finish inside. It's lightweight, durable and looks amazing. The seller made it quickly and had it shipped to us internationally in record time because we were cutting it close with time and should have probably ordered it months in advance. But it made it in time and Max got to really think about what he wanted. I was cutting it fine altering the size of my rings shortly before the wedding too haha. 


All Photos by Schade Images

Groom Look Details: 

Suit (Same as groomsmen but with added satin collar) - Myer
Bowtie - Myer
Red Flower Lapel - Otaa 
Shoes - Julias Marlow
Xbox Controller Cufflinks - Gift from Max's work friends

Groomsmen Look Details - 

Suits - Myer
Shoes - Own Shoes
Boutonnieres (later attached at venue) - The Posy Garden

The styling of the boys was all by Max, he thought about what he would want for a while (which wasn't that long) and quickly decided that he wanted an all black suit ensemble. Not just because he is my husband but I personally love this look. It's sharp, timeless, classic and looks amazing. 

We never have tried to dress each other a certain way and why would I try and do this on our special day? Max is very confident in himself and his choice which is one of many things I love about him and I think he really pulled off a great look with his mates. The only thing I helped him with was sourcing the red flower lapel as he wanted to wear one to go with my red lipstick and just getting some shoes. 

Gaming is a major part of Max's life and something he turned into career as well, how amazing are the Xbox controller cufflinks that his close work friends gifted him?! Amazing! 

They had a pretty chilled out morning getting ready, our photographer and was impressed that they were so organised and ready for their photo session when she arrived. They had lots of fun and once our photographer and videographer left to head over to my mum's house for our session they were pretty much out the door and on the way to the venue to set up for the ceremony. 

I love their photos so much and couldn't wait to see them when we were waiting to get them all back!

Kayla x


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  2. Aw, what fun! I love the cufflinks!


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