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Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Dress - Tigerlily
Wattle Print Swaddle - c/o Botanical baby

Long time, no blog. The past four months we have been living life as a family of three when our beautiful girl Maddison entered the world in December. It has been the most beautiful, tiring, and rewarding time in our lives. We always hoped one day that we would have a baby and we always imagined having a baby at this particular age/time in our lives. She is the greatest thing to happen to us. Even as a kid I always wanted to be a mum one day and I must say it is even better than I imagined. I look at her everyday and just can't believe how lucky we are to have her.

After the first month which was a real adjustment (along with some post partum issues - more on that later) we have been settling in well to life as parents. The sleep deprivation has probably been hardest thing, especially since I was sleeping into 10 or 11am the last couple of months before she arrived! I was never a night person but I have gotten much better at getting up at all sorts of hours to breastfeed Maddy and give her plenty of cuddles. Some nights I get more sleep, others not so much!

I have been trying to write my birth story and post partum blog posts for a few months now so hopefully I can finish them soon, they are quite a story to tell... Well at least I think so haha! Every birth story is interesting. I loved reading them before I gave birth. Maddy loves constant hugs and is a clingy baby (I'm not complaining) and is breastfed on demand so along with other household chores and meeting her needs there hasn't been a lot of time to finish these blog posts but I have enjoyed just being really present in her life and taking a step back though it does feel nice to fire up the keyboard. I have taken sooooooo many beautiful photos and videos of her on my camera and phone... She is just amazing! 

About a month ago we had our friends who are really family come to visit for a very quick stay just so they could meet Maddy. Max's best friend Matt who is basically his brother and his fiancĂ© Chloe were our visitors and the last time we saw them was when we got married. They also play the role of one of Maddy's Uncle and Aunties. 

Thank you so much to Chloe for capturing these beautiful photos, I didn't have time for make-up or doing much with my hair and this is the case a lot of the time. I actually love these photos no make-up because I can just see how happy (and tired) we are as a little family of three.

Kayla xo

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