A Visit to my Grandparents House - Part 2: In the Garden

Monday 11 February 2013

A Bumblebee
My Grandfather showing and telling Max about the big antenna on top of the roof haha!
Apples growing in the backyard...
And corn too!
My Grandfather looking very happy and proud of his garden!

So here is part 2 of my visit to my Grandparents house in Masterton, New Zealand.
I love pretty flowers and I love to take photos of flowers so I had to include lots of photos for this blog post. My Grandfather has always taken pride in his garden and having fresh crops in the backyard.
Whenever I visited my grandparents I am given a tour around the house to see all the different flowers and what fresh crops are currently growing.

I love seeing the Bumblebees in the garden and the brightness of each flower. The variety of flowers looks beautiful with the contrast of the white picket fence and white house. A lot of the houses in this sweet little town have a similar look about them - cute cottages and lovely flowers.

I hope one day to have a lovely house with a garden of flowers... I would love to grow my own crops and continue to have fresh herbs in the backyard. I can see how much my Grandfather enjoys what he does and the maintenance required for a beautiful garden. My Grandmother loves his work too and enjoys the bright sights outside her front door and windows.

I love the photo I took of  them in front of some of the flowers it makes me very happy and I must have it printed and framed!


  1. Your grandparents are completely adorable. I love elderly couples so much, it's wonderful to see people whose relationships have endured and stood the test of time.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Your grandparents’ house is totally wonderful. It goes to show how pleasant and peaceful they live their lives throughout the years of their existence. It’s so amazing to see the freshness and sweetness that glow in their expressions. They are truly an inspiration. In any way, thanks for giving us a tour of your grandparents’ lovely garden. All the best!

    Normand Redden @ The Perfect Home Care


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