A quick little Saturday outfit post!

Saturday 1 June 2013

Fifi on the left (A Bichon frise x Maltese and Leo (a purebred Poodle)... I love them so much!

Today I went to a local boot sale and hoped to score a few goodies... Which I did (yay)!

I bought a little blue angora sweater, a pair of pink vintage gloves and two vintage purses... They all cost under $5 each (double yay)!

Today I wore my warm winter skirt that my mum made for me, a red warm top that I bought years ago  - I've worn it so much that I think it's starting to wear out :( I also wore some wool stockings to keep me extra snug as I got out early with my Aunty.

We came back home, had some homemade vegetable soup, I took photos with my tripod and 10 second timer and convinced my dogs to have a photo with me (you can see how worried they look) and my Aunty looked at all of her plants.

I have been sewing a winter dress with very challenging stretchy-thick fabric... It still needs some work but I think I'm doing well, it has definitely been great practice! I need to sew my plaid circle skirt too as it would look very nice for winter! Hopefully I can show you that soon.

Take care! xo


  1. i love your mood

  2. AnonymousJune 01, 2013

    Gosh you are adorable! Love your finds...especially the gloves.

  3. Gosh, you are just so precious Kayla! I love this top especially, the unique neckline is so flattering on you.
    xo Maria


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