Don't forget your sunglasses!

Saturday 22 June 2013

Round Transparent Sunglasses -
Black & Gold Sunglasses -
Cardigan -
Dress - 1950s Vintage
Tights - Kmart
Shoes - Target

When contacted me to select a few items from their store to feature on my blog I was definitely in need of a couple of things... Sunglasses and a new black cardigan! 

I was pleased with the quality of the items and the quick delivery which is always something I find important when shopping online. 

The sunglasses are really nice to wear, they're comfy and blend in well with all of my outfits, I usually just like my everyday sunglasses to be quite simple. I like the way my coral lipstick looks with both pairs of sunglasses... Especially the black ones. There is a vintage look about the first pair!

I like to have a few good pairs of sunglasses around as I am always changing my purse, it's so annoying when you go out and forget them!

The cardigan is comfy and quite thick, which is wonderful since the weather is cold at the moment, the coloured buttons are cute too! I wouldn't mind getting the pink one next!

This 1950s vintage chambray dress is one of my favourites! It has been on the blog before (and will be more and more), it's so comfy and just really pretty. It's great for Autumn/Winter with stockings and a cardigan and perfect for Spring/Summer! I feel like I have typed this before about the dress but I can not remember (haha)!

Anyway, I hope everyone has been well! I would like to go fabric shopping soon so I can make a new dress or two! Maybe I will... I could spend hours in the sewing stores!

Kayla - Gracefullyvintage xo


  1. I do like those sunglasses - they have a really vintage look about them. The first pair with the clear frames are my favourite.

  2. Love your sunglasses, they look so vintage :).

  3. The first pair certainly has a vintage vibe. They are so lovely! I just bought a pair of Wilson sunglasses but I have to figure out how to get them "reformed" as they sit crooked. I think the first pair would go great with any vintage look:)

  4. Oh you look gorgeous! I have a bit of a thing for retro styled sunnies too. I finally bought a rounded pair and they have this big scratch on them which is unfortunate and kind of distracting

  5. lovely and simply perfect, you know im always in love with your purposes!
    finally i decided to comment you, hope youll follow me back <3

  6. lovely sunglasses! I love your outfit too!


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