Sun hat and Jelly

Wednesday 7 January 2015

Pink with a crisp shirt and a fabulous bag was the makings for this outfit on a gloomy but humid day.

Shirt - Kmart
Skirt - Bettie Page Clothing (Now Tatyana)
Hat - Forever New
Sandals - Big W
Jelly Shoe Necklace in Lavender - c/o Sun Jellies
Alice Jelly Bag - c/o Sun Jellies

I wore this outfit to the waterfront a couple of days ago. I have been pairing this shirt with almost every skirt I own as it is so nice for the hot weather and it has quickly become on of my favourite Summer looks. I paired my Jelly Shoe necklace and Jelly Bag with the outfit for a bit more colour and detail + the Jelly Bag is always handy for chucking in my wallet, a water bottle, a cardigan if needed and dog leads, whatever I need at the time (and it is so cute)! 

An interview with Kelly from Sun Jellies:

How did Sun Jellies start and how has it grown?
I left Melbourne Australia about 8 years ago to start a new life in the UK.  I met Nick and we started a family. We moved from London to the pebbly south coast of England and I searched for the classic jelly shoes I had as a child for me and my kids to wear on the beach. I discovered the original jelly shoes, a French product since 1946 and started an online shop to sell them. This has grown into other nostalgic “jelly inspired” products we have created for our customers who love vintage style fashion. Nick and I run the business together, I’m front of house, he’s mainly back of house. Thankfully he believes in the business as I couldn’t do it without him and so far we are still speaking to each other!

What sparked your interest in nostalgic fashion and design?
I love the way nostalgic products make me feel and there is so much beauty in the old styles. I also love a bit of kitsch because it’s fun and life can be way too serious.

Who is your biggest inspiration? 
Women who go after their dreams.

What is your favourite Sun Jellies product? 
Our jelly bag.

What's your motto? 
Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.

What is in store for you in 2015? 
New products, new collaborations, a 50’s style makeover, my first tattoo (don’t tell Nick).

You can find Sun Jellies on their Website/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. I love those bags.
    You look great Kayla xo

  2. So lovely and matchy-matchy! I love that skirt and you'd NEVER guess that shirt was from Kmart! (I do love Kmart!)


  3. I had no idea Sun Jellies were a UK based company! I think I like them even more now. This outfit is adorable x

  4. What a cute outfit! All the Aussie bloggers are making me wish for spring to come already, especially since it's gotten so cold here. I love the way the texture of your blouse comliments the pattern of your skirt, it's really visually interesting. Cute outfit all around, the different pinks are so sweet together.

  5. I don't blame you for wearing that top again and again. I'm gonna have to make a trip to K-Mart soon! Perfect summer outfit indeed!

  6. Awesome bag. I would wear that top over and over too- it's beautiful :)

  7. Happy New Year Kayla! This outfit is very sweet, and as Jessica has said, I'm jealous of the warmer climate you're in right now because of all the cold and rain here. x

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