Ahoy Sailor!

Thursday 5 February 2015

Living near waterfronts and beaches has definitely influenced my wardrobe. I love nautical and tropical themed outfits and have no shame embracing them in these environments. 

Playsuit - Hell Bunny
Shoes - Novo
Brooch - Vintage

This playsuit by Hell Bunny is perfect, the fit is spot on and it is really well made. It feels very tailored, almost as if it was made for me and it comes with a white belt too. I paired it with my red yacht brooch and new red heels for a pop of colour. 

I am becoming playsuit obsessed and would love to add more fabulous one pieces to my wardrobe as they are just amazing and so much fun to wear. 

Do you like to plan outfits according to location? Are you a fan of playsuits?

Kayla - GracefullyVintage 


  1. Definitely the perfect outfit for the beach and I do love nautical looks by the water :) You are sooo cute!

  2. You always look so adorable and put together! Absolutely in love with this outfit and the location.

  3. I'm a huge fan of dressing to a theme - I think it makes going on any kind of adventure just a little more fun. The only problem is when I go a little overboard, and look like I'm ready to jump onstage at the ballet or something.
    Love this look! I'm really digging the playsuit on you, and I love the pops of red. It's a classic combo for a reason. You look like a modern Betty Grable here.

  4. Same here! Granted I live in a town sandwiched by two big lakes, not the ocean or sea, but I still find that's plenty enough to heighten my passion for nautical and sailor inspired fashions and accessories.

    You look so fun, summery and pretty - you and playsuits are incredible together!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Absolutely gorgeous play suit! I love all nautical looks myself

    retro rover

  6. I love planning outfits based on location. It's so much fun dressing themed! It's so great seeing you were nautical theme around all your water scenes and water themed things. This playsuit definitely looks made for you! I love it!


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