Amongst the Roses | Part 2

Wednesday 10 June 2015

I have had these photos drafted for quite a while now but have had many more outfits to post before hand. I'm having quite a busy week so now is the perfect time to post my full outfit photos and details from such a wonderful day. 

Dress - Retrospec'd
Necklace - Forever New
Shoes - I Love Billy

These photos were taken at the beautiful Sydney Botanic Gardens, this garden is extra special as you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge too... There are so many beautiful locations in Sydney and this was the perfect place to wear my rose print dress for the first time. Retrospec'd is based in Sydney (Newtown) so it seemed quite fitting for the occasion. 

Retrospec'd dresses are made of excellent quality, I generally wear size 8 in their designs and find them to be quite true to size. I have an excellent sarong style dress by the brand that I look forward to wearing in Summer! 

After taking a while to post these photos I've quite enjoyed looking back on them now and waiting a little longer than I usually would to post them. I like to record memories, and outfits are also great memories to me... It's fun to take photos wherever I was that day and later make a record of it on the blog. It is a great creative outlet whilst capturing everyday outings in life...

Kayla - GracefullyVintage x


  1. Such beautiful photos Kayla! That dress is so gorgeous on you as well! I love Retrospec'd clothing, I own 2 of their dresses so far. :)

  2. You're getting some great brands in Australia! I feel like the UK has some catching up to do now... This dress looks like it could be a PUG design - utterly gorgeous! x

  3. That dress is gorgeous and your shoes are adorable! <3

  4. Gloriously gorgeous dress! I love how authentically mid-century that floral print looks. Some of Retrospect'd's offerings are very, very high up on my fashion wish list.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Adore that pleated skirt and the rose fabric! It really is a super cute dress, and a stunning location to shoot the pictures in. :)

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  6. This is adorable!! The scenery and your dress are all so lovely :)
    …I seriously can't get over the silhouette of your dress!

  7. Beautiful! I love all your twirly pics! :D

  8. Loving the first and last photographs in particular, with all the swishy hair x


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