Swing Pants and a Beret on Top!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

It has been fun styling my new trousers, I wore these ones to the local markets last Saturday, I have been going to these markets since I was very young... I love the European design of it and the fact that it's right next to the beach! 

Top - Target
Glenda Trousers (w/ suspenders) - Collectif
Beret - Gift from Max
Shoes - Novo
Brooch - Vintage

Not too long ago I blogged the houndstooth version of these trousers (see here), these ones come with the detachable suspenders as well. I am wearing size xs (UK8) and they fit my 25 inch waist well with a tiny bit of extra room... I find they fit true to size. I wear UK8 in all Collectif clothing, however, I usually size up in coats (that's the case for any brand of coat I buy), I love to have room for layers and movement. 

For someone who loves to jump around, dance and all that jazz, these pants do not restrict me haha! I've already styled them in so many ways, so it was important to purchase the black pants as they go with just about everything! 

Kayla - GracefullyVintage x


  1. They look so fab on you - and I am always a fan of putting a beret on top ;) I wish I was leggy enough to pull swing trousers off, but as I'm not I'll have to make do with gazing on your wide-legged beauty (that's a thing) instead! x

    1. Thank you! Yes you look so great in a beret, they are so practical and cute too (yay)!!! x

  2. Hi, I thought I had commented before, but probably my phone ate the comment... Would you say the trousers run the same as the houndstooth then? There's a sizing note on the latter on Collectif's site, but not on the black. I went up to a 10 in the houndstooth (I'm usually an 8, but have a bit of a hip, bum and thigh) and they're a bit loose in the waist, but otherwise a good, comfortable fit.

    1. Hi! I have both in UK8 and find the fit to be generally the same. I have maybe an inch or so extra room at the waist x

  3. I really like the look of these trousers but I do not think I would be brave enough to try swing trousers yet . I am still fairly new to trouser wearing having previously been a skirts/dresses only girl!

  4. Oh this is temptation indeed! I already have 3 pairs of swing trousers from Heyday, and 20th Century Foxy, but haven't tried these Collectif ones. I like the belt loop detail at the waist, the others don't have that. Really love the simplicity of this look, the brooch picking out the colour of the beret, but letting the trousers make the statement. Just lovely x

  5. Seriously fabulous outfit - you look wonderful!!! I love the colour combo at work here. It is my unofficial winter uniform (sometimes with white added into the mix) and a palette that never fails to inspire me.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Such a cute outfit! So far, I'm really loving all your Autumn looks! <3


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