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Wednesday 17 June 2015

Starry Boutique is an online store based in Sydney, however, you can find them at various Sydney markets quite regularly too! The Neapolitan Dress is one dreamy dress, from it's unique design to it's perfect colour combination.

(Photos by Renee Ribbons

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The bodice of this dress has boning giving the dress beautiful structure, the skirt is lined and the cotton fabric is really great quality. The halterneck is not adjustable, however it has elastic which makes it comfortable around the neck and the strap was very spot on for size making it a really nice fit around my neck. 

Hilary of Starry Boutique was very helpful with sizing and I went with a small thanks to her help. This dress fits my bust and 25 inch waist perfectly. The bows on the bodice add such a sweet touch to the dress and I adore the beautiful cranes on the skirt.

I can't wait to wear it in summer with my pink sun hat and an ice-cream in hand! It is definitely one of my new favourite dresses. 

Discount code: Get $35 off the Neapolitan Dress using the code GRACEFULLYVINTAGE1 at the checkout! 

Here is an interview with Hilary of Starry Boutique:

1. How did you get into fashion?
I’d always spent a lot of time searching for more unique dresses both online and on overseas trips, and received many compliments on them, but I never considered it professionally, until I stumbled on a particular dress that was only available wholesale. I decided there was no way I wasn't getting that dress, so I bought a whole bunch of them. When my partner came home, I told him I was starting an online dress shop and he was like “okay, let’s do this”.

2. What sparked your interest in vintage style clothing?
When I was a teenager, I was never satisfied with what the chain stores were offering; I developed an hourglass figure rather early, and the trends at the time simply did not flatter me. Through movies and the internet, I became aware of the fifties look and just fell in love with it. Although I don't religiously dress vintage, my wardrobe is overflowing with retro pieces and I’m a sucker for classic red lipstick.

3. Describe Starry Boutique in three words.
Quirky, fun, timeless.

4. Who are your style icons?
Dita Von Teese has to be my number one icon, she has an inimitable elegance whether she’s donning a 50’s day dress or just nipple pasties! Christina Hendricks is flawless too. She’s made myself (and I’m sure many other curvy redheads) a lot more confident in rocking figure hugging outfits. 

5. Your friends modelled for Starry Boutique, what were your main reasons for this?
For a long time, I predominately bought my clothing online because I couldn’t find anything that fit my style locally. One of my biggest frustrations was that I often couldn’t relate to the fashion models they used, and as such, had trouble imagining myself in the dresses. I applaud the alternative stores who use more realistic models, although those gorgeous ladies tend to have a much edgier style. Basically, I wanted to show how great the dresses would look on an everyday woman; your friend; your sister; the woman you pass on the street. I also knew using close friends would result in a more organic shoot, I count myself very lucky to call those stunners my pals.

6. What can we expect from Starry Boutique in the future?
More carefully sourced vintage, quirky and flattering dresses from the International market, as well as some unique ones designed by me, a little further down the track. In the very near future, we’ll be stocking some great retro wooden brooches, by Melbourne-based brand, Fraulein Meow. Sydney residents can also catch us at the upcoming Rock n Roll & Alternative markets at Sydney Uni, on July 26th

7. What is your favourite piece of clothing in the boutique at the moment?
That’s an almost impossible question for me; when I selected the pieces for this collection, it was as if I was cultivating my ultimate wardrobe! I guess it would have to be a toss up between the Neapolitan and Porcelain dresses, because they always get me noticed for the right reasons.

You can find Starry Boutique on their Website, Facebook and Instagram!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage x


  1. This dress looks like it was custom made for you - that was certainly some good advice re the sizing!! The bodice and the details on the straps make this really, very special. It suits you so beautifully :) x

  2. WOW, this dress looks incredible on you! The bodice is especially fantastic. <3

    xox Sammi

  3. really gorgeous fit and I love the bows
    retro rover

  4. My eyes kind of bugged out when I first saw this on Instagram! GREAT dress and really great post! XO

  5. AnonymousJune 19, 2015

    Your hair is fantastic! And this dress is really adorable. ♥

  6. The colours in this dress are so gorgeous and unique - they instantly make me think of the strawberry and chocolate portions in a dish of Neapolitan ice cream. You look fantastic, dear gal!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Wow, the dress is amazing, loved the design and colors! Great combination of colors, you are looking so pretty like a doll <3 Kisses <3

  8. Awesome dress! It fits you like a glove!

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