Finger Waves and a Fringed 20's Dress!

Monday 7 December 2015

It's no secret that I loveeeeeeee the 1920's and absolutely adore the fashion from this decade - I'm super excited to be blogging this fabulous fringed dress by Unique Vintage!

Wearing a vintage nightgown as I finished my hair and make-up yesterday!

Shoes - I Love Billy

I have always admired the amazing 1920's inspired dresses that Unique Vintage has to offer, there are so many amazing styles to choose from and various price ranges to suit everyone. 

Fringed dresses are a personal favourite and the ombre effect on this particular style really caught my eye. This style of dress is already a lot of fun but the beautiful colour way really gives it a wow factor. This dress also features a beautiful velvet waistband with bow and removable straps. I went with size small and found that it fits true to the size chart. As you can probably see, I had lots of fun dancing around in this dress... I just love the way it moves. 

Another thing I love about 20s fashion is the hair and I have really been working on my finger waves, this is definitely my best set. I use my Great Grandmother's finger wave/marcel wave clips to set my hair. They may be antiques but my Grandmother was given them many years ago has kept them in such beautiful working condition.

To end this post I wanted to contribute to the UV #iamunique campaign, which is a wonderful way to celebrate who we are and I have enjoyed seeing what makes everyone unique this year. Now it's my turn, something that makes me unique has always been the gap in my teeth. I used to get a little self concious about it at times and wanted to change it but as the years have gone by I have embraced my gap and have grown to love it. It suits my kooky, quirky self and I wouldn't change it!

Unique Vintage specialises in 1920s dresses and flapper fashion so be sure to check out their full range!

There is a great selection of flapper dresses currently 50% off at Unique Vintage - You can find the sale here!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Wow....absolutely stunning I just love this 1920's look on you, that dress and hair is so so wonderful! xo

  2. I love UV's flapper range - there are some amazing dresses in there! Just so happens I am going to a Great Gatsby new year do soon... But I have already bought a sparkly wonder dress :D I thought that gaps in teeth like yours were desirable (thanks to Madonna) - I certainly think it looks adorable on you! x

  3. YES, GIRL, YES! You look like a Barbie doll that stepped right out from the 20's. Wait...Barbies probably didn't exist then. OH WELL! If Barbie was around then, she'd look like this! ;)

  4. Awesome dress and hair! You were born to wear this! And you look gorgeous with the gap ;) XO

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Your hair and make up are perfection and this dress really looks great on you!

  6. That nightgown is truly gorgeous! I wonder if it could be worn as a full slip.

  7. Breathtakingly cool dress! You look fantastic! I could practically hear a rousing jazz number playing in the backdrop of all of these lovely shots.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I love this look on you! That really is the best finger wave set I have ever seen in long hair

  9. Incredible dress!!! You look stunning. And your hair couldn't be better!!!

  10. Wow, those waves are great! The 20s look really suits you!


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