Round the Twist

Saturday 12 December 2015

Culottes, a cute top, a jelly tote bag and the perfect brooch made for a great day out last weekend.

Top -  Collectif
Culottes - Aida Zak via Collectif
Round the Twist brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Dahlia Tote Bag - c/o Sun Jellies
Shoes - Novo

Last weekend I visited a lighthouse with my mum and the dogs and then went for a swim. It was a hot day with a beautiful sea breeze and I was excited to wear this outfit. I managed to snap some photos once we hit the beach in a very cute bikini with my crazy hair from the walk + wind, more on that later! 

Anyway, I took my new Dahlia jelly tote out and as you can see it was packed with all my essentials for day: camera, a bikini, a spare dress to wear after taking a dip in the water, snacks, water bottle and a sun hat etc. I am always pleased that I can fit everything I need into these tote bags because I like to take everything I need or could possibly need. I'm off to New Zealand in January to visit family so I will definitely be taking one of my tote bags for the trip, I might take my yellow one too... Sometimes you need to have options!

When deciding what to wear for this little adventure to the lighthouse I basically planned my outfit around this Erstwilder brooch, I love that the Round the Twist brooch is named after one of my favourite childhood television shows.
Have you ever, ever felt like this,
When strange things happen, 
Are you going round the twist?

This brooch is another great addition to my collection of nautical clothing and accessories, I just love the colours that were chosen for this design. 

I also must say before I end this post that I just love these culottes so much, they are quite light and airy and now I want them in the newly released colours... Perfect for summer!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. These culottes look a dream to wear! Cool and airy on a hot day. Your brooch is very sweet, the colours are lovely.

  2. I love this outfit! I've always wanted to get a Jelly Tote bag, definitely on my list. And omg! You are making me miss summer so badly!! Canadian weather is so cold right now I wish I was swimming too lol.

  3. Lovely summer outfit - the culottes suit you :) I used to watch that show too - it was weird but good! Haven't seen it for years now though... x

  4. I've just had a big flashback to 'Round the twist', it was my absolute favourite!! I'd forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. I love how cool and breezy this outfit is, those shoes are just gorgeous, and I think culottes make a nice change from shorts or a skirt. Beautiful x

  5. A perfect outfit for lighthouse spotting :)

  6. Gorgeous outfit! I really love those culottes on you! How fun that your brooch is named after your favorite childhood television show too. I'm looking forward to seeing your pics from your New Zealand vacation. I love New Zealand! I hope you post lots of pics! :)

  7. Ah! Loved that show as a child, and I gotta say, I am totally squee-ing over the 'Round the Twist brooch because of it! Like you said, it's a perfect nautical accessory, but even more fun with the childhood association. And yes, Sun Jellies bags really do make the best beach totes ever! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  8. What a charming, chic warm weather ensemble. There's a definitely 1930s undercurrent here that all kinds of lovely!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Someone told me recently I am hard to buy for...seriously!!!! Not anymore... essay checker


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