Fit and Flare

Monday 29 February 2016

I love this beautiful feminine dress by Voodoo Vixen and all of it's lovely little details.

Gabriela Dress - c/o Voodoo Vixen
Lip Service Brooch - Erstwilder
Purse - Vintage
Shoes - I Love Billy

I talk about comfort so often on my blog and this is one to add to the list. I can easily spend the day in in this dress without feeling uncomfortable. I like tight clothes but I like loose clothes too and whilst this still looks fitted it is quite a relaxed dress to wear. It also flares at the bottom which is a nice little design extra + I had to do a little twirl in it because why not? This is another dress that can double as being office appropriate as it has a rather professional look and I also feel some Mad Men vibes when wearing it too which is another good thing to factor in when considering this dress.

With the perfect lilac colour, low back and the details on the collar, this is a really elegant dress - it is also available as a swing dress. Every Voodoo Vixen dress that I have added to my wardrobe has been rather different to one another and I find that VV has quite a wide range of dress styles to choose from.  I also had to add the Erstwilder Lip Service brooch as I think they are a perfect match!

This little purse is also a favourite in mine, I found this and the same one in black together at an op-shop a couple of years ago for $3 each. I always carry a rather large bag but sometimes it's nice to use a smaller purse and there is enough room for my phone, lipstick and a mirror. So sometimes I make an exception for a smaller pretty purse.

Today is technically the last day of summer but the weather doesn't really start to get cooler until April so I will be swimming at the beach as long as possible with all my favourite swimwear on rotation - though I do love winter walks with the dogs at the beach without that harsh summer sun. I still have so many summer outfits that I want to wear, I usually like to hang outfits I plan to wear on the back of my door or I dress my mannequin so I can stare at them and then finally take them out.

I am super excited for the new Voodoo Vixen range, there are so many amazing new things on offer!

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. Smashing dress on you Kayla! Comfort is so important isn't it? Love the sweet little bag too, what a bargain xx

  2. Equally excited for the new Voodoo Vixen range! I love this dress -it wouldn't work on me for me height, as it would flare in the wrong place, but I'm glad to see it on you :) And that brooch is still probably my favourite Erstwilder one that I own; it goes with a surprising amount, I find... x

  3. So elegant, yet so simple - that colour really works! Kx

  4. What what a gorgeous dress! The colour and fit are both so stunning on you!

  5. What a glamorous, elegantly lovely dress. That colour is spectacular! Sweet, unexpected and wildly pretty.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Really fantastic dress! I love all of the elegant little details! Perfect for office wear!

  7. I really love the style and the colour of this dress, looks so lovely on you to! :)

  8. Smashing! I'm a great fan of Voodoo Vixen too though sadly there is much less variety in larger sizes. But yeah, You just can't help loving their details!

  9. you wear it beautifully I love the purse too

  10. So pretty on you! I really love the trumpet skirt and the brooch you picked out is just perfect! <3


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