Beach Umbrellas

Thursday 10 March 2016

Wearing the cutest swim skirt set by Unique Vintage!

Beach Bag Essentials: Sun Jellies bag, a big sunhat, sunblock, towel and water.

Sunglasses - Pared Eyewear

I have recently come across a couple of swim skirts and I am so so in love with this one from Unique Vintage, it's the perfect combination of modest and sexy. It surprisingly gives good coverage whilst still being around the same length that a bikini bottom would sit though it drapes over the booty an inch or two and that makes all the difference compared to regular bikini bottom. 

The built in bikini bottom under the skirt gives great support and shape having the skirt + bottom all in one means it will always sit nicely too. The bikini top has padding, a key hole and a halterneck strap and I love it as much as the swim skirt. How cute is that umbrella print and colour combination!?! I am wearing size small and found the sizing to be accurate with the size chart. Unique Vintage has a huge range of swimwear and as a self confessed swimwear addict I seriously want it all!

My beach bag essentials are also on the UV blog if you are interested. I still have a couple more swimwear posts to come. The weather has been so humid and even though I want to pull out my winter clothes I will enjoy the last of the warm weather with more trips to the beach and cute summer outfits that I am still yet to wear + those summer outfits I wear on repeat. Oh and I picked that flower off a tree before I walked on the beach, perfect match for this bikini.

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. This is seriously the cutest little look I have ever seen. And it's stunning on you!!!

  2. Agree with Christina, this is adorable! These pictures are so perfect. I am literally aching for summer now. The skirt on this bikini set is just so cute :) x

  3. What a cute swimsuit set! I love the floaty skirt on the bottoms, you definitely have one of the best swimwear collections I have seen!

  4. this is just too cute and I love your dogs poodles are such great pets

  5. That really is off-the-charts cute! If one can't rock a great novelty print at the beach, there's really no where you can. :) Plus, how pretty is pink on you! (Answer, immeasurably pretty!)

    ♥ Jessica

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  7. OMG Such an adorable beach set! I love the cut and the print on it. The swim skirt is so cut on you. And I love how you paired this with the parasol! So perfect! <3


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