Thursday 24 March 2016

Two different trips to the beach and two different bikini sets from Red Dolly Swimwear for this post!

I blogged about Red Dolly Swimwear last summer so here I am again with two more as I slowly pack away the swimwear and get through posting a couple more before it is too cold, the afternoons have been lovely which is still good for a swim. 

Anyway, I have been wearing my crochet dress to the beach a lot this summer after searching for one for so long, you have probably seen it a few times already but it has been a real go-to this season. I actually got it at a supermarket that has a line of clothes, who would have thought. I love the way it looks over my swimwear and it's nice to wear for coffee or a snack after the beach at the surf club. 

The first bikini is a gorgeous pastel blue striped set and I have tried and tested it in the water (as I do with swimwear on the blog) and it passed the test, they both did, in fact. It's comfortable and quite supportive. I got dunked by multiple waves and didn't flash anyone, so that's good when I have to swim when the water is a bit rough.

I had to do a bit of styling so I put my hair in a beehive and slicked my favourite blue eye-liner on, though I took this off before swimming because I didn't want to scare anyone, haha.

The second swimsuit is a three piece set and look another swim skirt (if you saw my last swimwear post you will know what I am referring too). Again, I am loving swim skirts when you want extra coverage and something a bit different at the beach - this one is too cute! My hair is always a crazy mess when it comes to swim shots but my favourite beaches have a lot of wind and I guess I just like to give you a snapshot of my trip to beach - I really like beach hair too! 

I used to worry about that but this is a style blog and I suppose when you have your dogs with you and have to chase them in between shots if they just want to keep playing with other dogs well, you know... You're hair won't always stay in place - though if it ever does then that is something to be proud of.

Blue & White Bikini and Blue Polka-Dot bikini with Swim skirt - c/o Red Dolly Swimwear
Sunglasses - Both from ASOS

If you look through the website you can find many many options to choose from and if you need further help be sure to message Heather of Red Dolly. I'm glad that I got the chance to wear these to the beach and will be pulling them back out of my swimwear draw again next summer.

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. These photos are so fun and retro, I love your swimsuits

  2. I don't know how many times I've said it but I am SO jealous of your swimsuit collection! You look fabulous and I love these photos!

  3. Totally adorable!!! How do I only own one swim suit!!!

  4. You never don't look like a retro swimwear model!!!! I'm so excited for bathing suit season here :)

  5. Absolutely, completely gorgeous photos and beach outfit. I feel like these shots should me the star of a calendar or magazine spread. Tres stunning!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Two very pretty sets, I love them both! Looks like you had fun with your dog playing in the surf, that sounds wonderful right now (another grey day here..) x

  7. Love these both on you. <3 Love how your glasses match that first bathing suit perfectly! <3


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