Summer in the City

Sunday 20 March 2016

Last month I went to the city and wore my new Stop Staring dress which worked out well for the hot weather.

I really wanted to go to Sydney Living Museum's Justice & Police Museum and I'm glad I did because I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.

Located near Circular Quay this museum provides plenty to look at if you are interested in old records and archives from Sydney's past criminals. I have a fascination with old mug shots and images... Upon walking in we watched 30 minutes worth of slide shows describing criminals, crime scenes and car accidents showing the details and dark places of Sydney's past documented by Sydney Police (from 1912-1930).

I have a habit of always posing in museums...

After the museum it was a quick walk to Sydney Botanical Gardens, which is always nice to visit.

I admit I did not wear these shoes all day, though I did wear them whilst we were walking around the gardens and then mum and I stopped for a much needed coffee break. I just could not resist wearing them with this cherry dress.

All very matchy-matchy with red!

And then we walked over to The Rocks and checked out the markets and I ate a big cob of corn which is always a winner for me. 

And of course I had to have some tourist shots even though I'm not a tourist haha. Sydney Harbour is really gorgeous though so it justifies the photos.

Jennifer Blue Cherry Dress - c/o Stop Staring
Bolero - Collectif
Belt - Bernie Dexter
Necklace - Vintage
Sunglasses - Pared Eyewear
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood - Melissa

I have only ever owned wiggle dresses by Stop Staring so I decided to try one of their swing dresses and I'm so glad that I did. The size small is a perfect fit, the fabric is gorgeous and the cut is really flattering. I really love dresses with thin straps for summer and I have added many of these over the past year or so because I know just how much I will wear them. 

And so that was a great day in a great dress with humid and rainy weather. I was glad to be wearing this dress that particular day!

Kayla - Gracefully Vintage xo


  1. This dress is so beautiful on you, love the cherry's on the blue fabric! Love your blog photos too! :)

  2. Nothing wrong with matchy matchy! You look lovely. I lived in Sydney for a short time many, many years ago, so it's nice to see some pictures to trigger memories! xx

  3. Porcelina literally said what I was about to say about matchy matchy! It's definitely my favourite <3 If only such beautiful shoes weren't so hard to wear all day long x

  4. Ooh, cherries!! Be still my beating heart!!!

  5. Matchy-matchy always gets a big thumbs up from me. There is a deeply rooted beauty in being well coordinated and it's something that I personally strive for big time with most of my ensembles.

    This look is oodles of fun and super sweet to boot. Plus, wow, just wow, over those sensational Westwood heels (j'adore!).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Such a lovely dress - and spectacular with those shoes! Kx

  7. Sydney is so beautiful, pity is soooo far away. You look beautiful in this dress and I m suffering so long because of this shoes. I wanted and still want them but I never found them in my size :(

  8. So classic! You look gorgeous as usual, and like everyone else has said,I love the matchy-matchy! Now I would love to go to Australia one day.

  9. love it all especially the shoes

  10. I don't own anything from stop staring! Love this dress and those shoes are perfect for it! XO

  11. I've wanted a pair of those Westwood heels for years, they look so gorgeous with that dress!

  12. It looks like it was a great day out! That dress looks amazing on you and I really love it with those shoes! So cute!!!


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