Napier Farmers' Market

Friday 15 April 2016

Another blog post from my visit to Napier, New Zealand. Although this was in January it is actually nice to put up some of my posts a bit later and reflect on what was a wonderful visit to see family and to visit places familiar and some new. 

New Zealand has such beautiful fresh produce so we were excited to get out early to the Napier Urban Farmers' Market, we bought a variety of fruit and vegetables that we later cooked up for lunch and dinner. 

I wore a reproduction 20's dress by Collectif and I was really happy to find it on ebay for a bargain price last year as I had been searching for it for quite a while. It was the perfect choice for the hot Napier weather. 

After we left the markets to walk through the streets to look at shops and head down to the beach, I almost had a bird poop on my head. After spending the early morning putting my finger waves in I did not want that to happen, I know they say it's good luck but I'm glad it just missed me.

It's always nice to have a dog around and my Aunt's dog loved exploring the markets and streets as she goes to a market at home each weekend. Sophie melted hearts and she didn't mind being in some of the photos (Sophie is one of Fifi & Leo's pups - sorry I have mentioned this before).

And then I found beautiful cars - yay!

And got to sit in one of the cars with Sophie!

We headed down to the beach to dip our feet, the stones were really hot but the water was so lovely and Sophie enjoyed being carried down for a swim after walking through town all morning. Mum's dress looked so pretty flowing in the wind and I just love Sophie's happy face here as she smiled at my Aunty!

Fedora 20's Dress - Collectif  (not available anymore)
Shoes - Wittner
Dahlia Jelly Bag - c/o Sun Jellies

We went back to the motel and had lunch with Grandma after picking up some fish to go with the fresh veggies and then spent the afternoon by the pool for a few hours followed by a BBQ for dinner. It was such a nice way to relax after strolling through Napier all morning!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. What a lovely time you had in Napier and what an adorable frock.... wonderful pics.

  2. Really lovely photos, and that looks to be the perfect dress for strolling around in. I regret not buying it actually!! Napier is on my list to visit, what a lovely looking place. x

  3. really love your hair here

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos. I am so envious of your trip! My sister just got back from a trip to New Zealand and I was so jealous it looks amazing. You have some gorgeous 1920s style clothing, it looks perfect for Napier!

  5. This 20s style really suits you, looks great for the beach too!


  6. This dress look so beautiful on you!
    Love it.


  7. Such beautiful photos Kayla! xo

  8. Is there anything you can't wear?! Beautiful look and beautiful photos x

  9. Love the red and white together. You look very elegant!

  10. Stunning photos and what great scenery! Fun dress! XO

  11. So adorable place. I would like to visir NZ just for us it is really far away. I love your dress.

  12. Terrific dress! I really like the length and drop waist, as well as the classic nautical vibe. So true about there sometimes being a lot of appeal to waiting a wee while before posting outfit snaps, so as to reflect on the events surrounding them (I do that fairly often myself, too).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  13. Looks like such a wonderful area to visit! I love seeing all these photos! Congrats on finding this dress you've been looking for! Looks like it was a perfect dress for the occasion!


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