Friday 29 April 2016

Wearing a safari themed dress by Hell Bunny and an Erstwilder brooch that I have been very excited about!

Safari 50's Dress - c/o Hell Bunny
Picnic Portrait Brooch - c/o Erstwilder
Shoes - Miss L Fire
Hat - Thrifted 
Sunglasses - Pared Eyewear
1950's Crystal Ball Necklace - Vintage
1950's Sheer Gloves - Gift
1950's Wicker/Lucite Purse - Gift

I love this new style by Hell Bunny, the design is really flattering and this particular print is gorgeous - it also comes in a tropical version! This fabric is lightweight, which is quite soft and floaty to wear - I don't wear petticoats very often but you could definitely fit one underneath this dress. I am wearing my usual size xs, I am happy with the fit but if you have a larger bust and like a bit more room for shoulder movement I suggest sizing up. This is another great addition to my Hell Bunny collection!

I was so excited to see that Erstwilder was releasing a blonde version of the Picnic Portrait brooch and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Of course I had to style this outfit around the brooch. So I added a hat and my favourite sunglasses. I also mixed some of my vintage accessories and purse to finish off this outfit.

Mixing and matching accessories with outfits is so fun, I wasn't sure how I wanted to style this dress at first and I love how it came together. I usually hang clothes on the back of my door so they are: 

a) Lined up and easy to reach for as these are the ones I am waiting to wear next
b) At eyesight for inspiration
c) So I can quickly grab accessories and hold them against the garment when I think of something cute
d) They just look pretty hanging up

Anyway, I really had fun with this outfit and I think my rambling is probably evident.

I was also very happy to receive my first pair of Miss L Fire shoes recently, I have wanted to try this brand for quite a while and came across this pair for a bargain price. They are a fabulous design and I'm very happy with them so far. I love this 40's style shoe and the huge platform heel, ugh I want more!

Have a great weekend!

Kayla - GracefullyVintage xo


  1. Love this entire outfit (those gloves!), and the brooch looks so much like you! :) You look wonderful.

    xox Sammi

  2. LOVE this outfit!! It is so cute how you match the Erstwilder brooch, she looks just like you! That print and style of dress is so pretty.

  3. OMG Please tell me you are going to start wearing this outfit at least once every few weeks! This is perhaps my favorite outfit that I've ever seen you in (and you've got lots of amazing outfits!). I love the print and cut of this dress! So pretty and unique. I love everything that you put together here and that brooch is just so amazing and cute and I love how it looks just like you! Too freakin cute! <3 And I love your new shoes! I just got my very first pair of Miss L Fire shoes just yesterday too! :D Yay!!!

  4. everything about this outfit is PERFECT! wow i absolutely love the print of that dress. and those shoes - stunning!!!

    Lee -

  5. I love this! It instantly reminded me of Tarzan's Jane :)

  6. Such a lovely dress! I especially love those buttons and of course your gorgeous accessories. :)


  7. Oh my just wow, this dress and your accessories are just wonderful...I love it all Kayla! Yay!!! xo

  8. This is one of my favourite outfits of yours of all time. It's just so perfect <3 you look so gorgeous x

  9. Truly marvelous outfit! I just adore how much your Erstwilder brooch resembles you. That made me smile ear-to-ear. :)

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Swit swoo, that is one FABULOUS outfit!! It's perfectly put together. I have been eyeing that print, I like the top in it. You really do have an eye for beautifully coordinated accessories xx

  11. Such a fun print I love it, great cut too, suits you so much. You are great at putting things together, you have a fab eye.


  12. This look is absolutely perfect. You have recreated the brooch perfectly! This is the most elegant, sophisticated look I have seen in a repro dress in a long time. And I do the same thing with my dresses, hang them on the back of the door for inspiration and accessory matching.


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